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 Abilities and ranks

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PostSubject: Abilities and ranks   Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:05 pm

Abilities that are available to use are :

- Light : Thunder, controls nature elements, white hole ( opposite of black hole, it can revive everything back to normal) , Kiss of Light ( full regeneration, immune to dark powers , can break any curse and illusion) , bless ( increase the strength of your abilities), Salvation ( protection against Armageddon), Spirit Sanctuary ( protection against manipulation or mind control),etc

- Darkness : black hole ( destroy everything EXCEPT another character) , berserk, Curse , illusion, Spirit of the Dead ( summons spirit of undead) , manipulation ( can manipulate anything) , Armageddon,etc

- Fire : can control all fire elements and also includes all fiery elements( fire, lava, meteor, etc)

- Air : control air elements and things that are in form of wind ( haste, typhoon , tornado)

-Water : control water elements and anything in form of liquid( tsunami, haste, etc)

- Earth: controls earth elements and things attached to it ( can control steel, metals , cast earthquake,grow plants, etc )

NOTE: For the abilities, the things mentioned here is merely examples of what you can do. These has nothing to do with your race. if you add the powers in your character's intro, then it is set as your character's ability and power.

[color=olive]Ranks that are available :

- Land Lord : They are people who are mostly only interested in money and they always pay another person like assassin to do their dirty job. They are rich people but their fighting ability is not that great compared to other ranks. however, they have armies serving them. Land lord owns village and some of them even own more than one village.

- Journey Men: These are people that like to travel around the realms. They are usually neutral to all the fighting. Only thinking of their own benefit or close loved ones. They can be very good fighters but not all of them are. They can be rich if they are lucky with what they do, but money isn't there main goal.Entertainers, Healers, Thieves are usually in this Rank.

-Rebel Warriors: These are warriors that decided to stop obeying orders and fighting for their own profit. They don't like to receive orders. Yet this doesn't mean that they are not fearful. They can often chose to change jobs to live more peacefully. But in danger, they will usually help the ones in need. They can decide to become simple mercenaries, healers or even simple merchants, but the training of when they where powerful warriors remains.

- Shadow Warrior:People in this rank are fighters tho they are kind of first level one. They are not rich and they only own houses or small hut. Most of them battle in pack or with their allies since they are not rich enough to buy an assassin. Most people in this ranks are : mercenary, Ronin ( samurai without a lord), Illusionist, alchemist, Monk, Zealot, etc.

- Death Dealer: People in this ranks are the ones who categorized as " special force". They are expensive killer and fighter. Some of them work alone while others might have partner. People in this rank are not as rich as land lord but they may have houses, mansions . professions for this ranks are mostly : Ninja, Hunter, sharpshooter,marksman, swordsman, knight, soldier, etc

- Dread Knight : The highest rank for warriors , they are knights that can only be influenced by a higher rank such as Arch devil and Archangel. They are not rich but powerful enough to destroy a land lord if they have armies serving them ( some dread knight have armies while others don't because they prefer alone). people in this rank are not as rich as land lord. They are second level of elite force in this realm. professions for this ranks are mostly : Ninja assassin, Assassin, warlord, general, Lieutenant , Arch mage, Necromancer , sorcerer, etc

- Arch-devil : This rank is the highest for people who lives in The forbidden kingdom and inferno. people who have this rank are villains. this is the highest level of elite force for villains and people from Byakuren can not have this rank. whoever have this rank gains armies and powers beyond dread knights. ( forbidden rank)

- Archangel : The highest rank for people who lives in Kingdom of Heaven and Mystical island. People from Ansatsu are not allowed to have this rank. This rank is the same with arch-devil but this one are for the force of good. ( forbidden rank)

[size=18]NOTE : Please note that you must be rational in doing any battle, no one is invincible here.
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Abilities and ranks
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