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 Halrein Alsvieth the Intro

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Halrein Alsvieth
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PostSubject: Halrein Alsvieth the Intro   Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:49 pm

Last Name : Alsvieth
First name : Halrein
Nickname : The White Warlord

Age: 19878

Sex of your character: male

Sexual orientation of your character: ahh.. maybe.. homosexual? or.. i don't know...

Profession: Warlord

Kingdom: Kingdom of heaven


- Light
- Water
- Earth

Description of your powers:

Light : well, since I'm an angel, I can do all light spells , or you could say "good spells" and powers. It is very useful especially if I wish to help someone, or even sometimes myself. It's like this power has always been mine since forever, I just can't remember. Last time I used this power is when I was attacked by bunch of berserk demons that was pretty bad scene. I can use healing, resurrection, breaking curses as well as protecting my spirit and mind from being controlled by my enemy who can cast dark powers.

Water : you know, water is the source of all living things, I learn this from a higher angel than me, which is mysterious and has no name. With this power I can manipulate anything that has water inside it, yes anything, including other living beings! This power can be troublesome sometimes since if there is no water around or no living thing, then this ability is kind of useless.

earth : it’s good that I can summon earthquake , even wreck the ground into pieces with this ability. I can also make something grow from the land if I wish to, but I rarely do that. Also, I can manipulate metals such as gold, steel, silver and all. That makes me able to make weapons from those metals and uses it for battle. It is not that I make it in a wasy that black smith does, it is more like metal weapons made of magic skill. It will disappear when I want them to.


Yeah, since I'm an angel, so obviously, i got a pair of white wide wings. I also got a pair of blue eyes, they are as blue as the morning sky. My skin is kind of creamy instead of pale. I have this tall, and slim figure, i could say I look proportional, at least for a guy of my size. But hence, I don’t have feminine look at all, if you look closer. My muscles are not that big but they are just on the perfect size for a guy like me. I always wear blue clothing with golden wrist band, and also, a golden string that dangle from my right shoulder to the left with ruby stone on it.


What do you expect from an angel like me? Rude? Cruel? Hell no. but I'm not that kind either. Mostly I play fair and square with all beings. i do to them what they did to me. It’s like an eye for an eye. But still, i got compassion and mercy, and sometimes can be little bit romantic though I'm sucks at romance, well, think we can just skip the romance part. When I’m with someone that I love, I’ll go all the way to be hard core pervert, but only to that one special person. As for my friends, I tend to tease them and sometimes get too far in teasing. And I really love music, I play my harp, sometimes violin, and it’s good to hear the soothing sounds of those instruments.


Oh well, please don't ask who my parents are, where i came from, and all other things, since i have no idea and I'm completely lost. I don't care who my father or mother are, nor do i care about my hometown. All i know is that at the moment i opened my eyes i was in a kingdom called the kingdom of heaven. And from that place i start my new life. I start to make new friends, acquaintance, or maybe even lover for my own. In that realm, I live in a mansion with a good friend of mine. Sometimes I think that this one is not just a friend to me, this one person the best thing ever happened in my life.

But then again, I find it hard to tame this heart, a heart of the person that I care the most. I won’t tell who that is and I also find hard time to reveal my feelings to that person. Right now I choose to focus on my war arts. I find this useful since I’ll use my ability and skill to protect everyone I care about.

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Halrein Alsvieth the Intro
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