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 Arenei Krien

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PostSubject: Arenei Krien   Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:58 pm

Last Name : Krienn
First name : Arenei (A-ruh-nai)
Nickname : Nei

Race: Heretic Divine

Age: 174

Sex of your character: Female

Sexual orientation of your character: Straight

Profession: Traveller

Kingdom: Forbidden Kingdom

Powers: 1) Earth Quake, earth
2) Queen of Diamonds, dark
3) Stare, dark

Description of your powers:
1) Earth Quake is basically what it says, except Arenei stabs her big sword into the earth, creating an effect that makes her sword vibrate, therefore making all the ground around her vibrate and quake for a short time. The only problem with this is that she can't do it for a while after performing it once.
2) Queen of Diamonds is a bit complicated. Arenei pulls a small playing card out of her sleeve. Like the name states, the card is a queen of diamonds. The card, as if having a mind of it's own, flies into the air and transforms into a large crystal barrier that surrounds Arenei, completely shielding her for about five minutes or someone manages to break the crystal.
3) Stare is a power in which a person could not be able to tell it is active unless they are looking Arenei straight in the eye. Stare basically makes people disoriented and confused. Arenei stares at the person and that person won't be able to think unless Arenei stops looking at them. Arenei doesn't always use this, however, but she uses it very often.

Physical: Arenei is about 5'6, skinny, with long, straight, white hair that just barely reaches to her elbows. She has bangs that are just short enough for you to see her entire left eye. Her eyes can be debated as red or orange, seeing as they appear orange in unnatural lights and red other times. She has very sharp teeth and pale skin, mostly being mistaken for her being an albino. She wears a long sleeve navy blue dress/robe that was sewn together at the edges with silver writing, it telling a story of woe. Her top has two sets of buttons, instead of one. She has a very short cloak-like piece of cloth matching her robe draped around her shoulders. She wears a purple scarf witha floral design on it. Her robe reaches just a little past her knees she wears black baggy leggings under. She wears brown lace-up boots with red soles, often to imply she recently stepped in blood. She has a built-in strap across her back in which she puts her sword She wears silver cuffs to keep her sleeves from flying, but takes them out to reach and get her playing cards. String is tied up her sleeves for decoration.

Psycho: One could say Arenei is crazy. Of course, that's just rumor so no one knows if it's true or not. Arenei sometimes gets a little crazy in battle, though. She has a knack for art and music and just loves how they can make people reveal their true selves, so she draws a lot. She also enjoys playing the celtic harp. Many creatures come to her when she plays her harp. One thing she loves almost as much as music is dueling and fighting. She trains more than she needs and has become quite the fighter. She carries a big sword, since she has this mental thing that she needs to protect herself at all costs. She doesn't mind who or what people are, she just wants allies all around in case she needs them later.

Story: Arenei grew up filthy rich. You wouldn't even imagine her wealth. Her parent loved her, too. Some could say she had it all. They were wrong. Even though her parents paid lots of money for her to go to acting school and art and music school, which she loved, she always loved fighting. She would see great warriors and think " I want to be like them! " unfortunately, her parents did not allow it. As a result, she ran away and joined the circus where she became a magician and then left the circus with the money she had made their and bought herself a sword in which she would keep till the day she died. It wasn't long before her parents had another child and completely forgot about Arenei. She took a habit to wandering the world, but she usually stays in the Forbidden Kingdom, where she works as a paid mercenary.
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PostSubject: Re: Arenei Krien   Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:53 pm

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Arenei Krien
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