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 Renji Sagashi

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Renji Sagashi
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PostSubject: Renji Sagashi   Sat Jun 16, 2012 1:15 am

Last Name : Sagashi
First name : Renji
Nickname : ---

Race: Hybrid
Age: 6548 years old

Sex of your character: What do I look like?

Sexual orientation of your character: Play with me and I'll play with you.

Profession: Mercenary

Kingdom: Forbidden kingdom

Powers: I have to gift of Light and water, but also the Gift of Darkness and Fire

Description of your powers:
Light: The light gives me the power to heal others who have been wounded during battle or simply because they tripped. It also enables me to fully regenerate my lost energy while flying and fighting. Never will I be tired of using this gift.
Water: Probably my most favorite out of all the powers I can use, water is easy for me to manipulate. I may freeze it, or call upon it to a far land in order to have clean drinking water. It is such a beautiful element that I sometimes simply use it to dance.
Darkness: I don't have the knowledge of using this, but I've been told that i do. It seems I can penetrate in peoples minds and manipulate their thoughts and bodies. I am not proud of knowing this fact, but then again, there is no way for me to control this untamed part of myself.
Fire: Strangely, even though I control water, it seems that my father has given me fire as well. I don't use it as often as water, but it does come in handy when I must fight. I simply make a weapon out of it and breack my enemy.

Physical: In either forms, it seems I keep my blood red hair. I don't mind the color, for I say it is ruby colored, sadly though, it seems that my untamed wild side has blood shot eyes which makes me feel ill with regret. I cannot control the color of my soul. Every full moon, my body reacts and turns my aching back into feathers of white and gold on six wings, while on the nights with no moon, my arms are covered in thick red scales. I'm sure my parents didn't think of what would happen to me when they procreated, but I must say, I am one broken man!

Psycho: Usually, in normal times and days, I am myself very calm and nice. I don't attack people, they attack me, I don't feel like I think I'm higher then them, but they all seem to have something against me. My personnality has two sides: there's the normal white and gold winged me which I like to think is my real self, and then there's the demonic me, the one who loves blood and carnage. The latter one, I cannot control and when I wake from this nightmarish episode, I always find my self in a place I know nothing of, having to seek my home again.

Story: I think my existence is a joke. Never have i heard of such a disgrasful life. I am born out of a mistake that took place with a devil beastling mix who raped my Divine angel mother. This hybridization made something unstable in my mind, something that cannot be removed or controled. My mother discovered what type of creature that I had turned out to be and abandonned me to my death. But maybe out of luck or irony, I lived. I grew up without anyone to guide me or to help me. There was nobody around me who understood my problems and nobody that wished to try. The first time an episode took place, I woke up with blood on my amrs and in my mouth and an entire village was chassing after me. It took me a long time to notice that i had no memories of any nights when the moon was black, so i tried to tie myself down for those nights, but it might have made the untamed beast angry, I woke up in a house. A family used to live there, now only bits and pieces of them remained. On the other hand, when the moon is full and bright, I earn wings.
My life is a joke, what kind of angel thrives on carnage?

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Halrein Alsvieth
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PostSubject: Re: Renji Sagashi   Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:18 am

wooott!!!! WELCOME!!!!! enjoy your stay ! ^_^

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Renji Sagashi
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