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 Aoki Yasamu

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Aoki Yamasu
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PostSubject: Aoki Yasamu   Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:47 am

Last Name : Yamasu
First name : Aoki
Nickname : Suki

Race: Hybrid

Age: 17 854 years old

Sex of your character: I will let you decide what you wish me to be. male or female, which do you desire?

Sexual orientation of your character: I am attracted to my true sex.

Profession: Come to the tavern and find out

Kingdom: Mythical island

-Metamorphe, Dark
-Water manipulation, elemental

Description of your powers:
-Metamorphe. People don't always know what they want to be when they grow up, well I don't know what I am as I am grown. I can change my body's appearance from man to woman, though I cannot bear any children, I've learn to use this to my advantage.
-Water manipulation. Simple manipulation of the liquids. They obey my every whim and they do what I cannot as they flow freely in the air around me, producing a spectacle of amazing purity and beauty. I can use it as a weapon though, so be careful. I'm not as innocent as I look.

Physical: I have very pale skin for someone that isn't purely a vampire. I don't even know if I have vampiric blood in my mix. But i do have dark grey eyes and very long silver white hair. I don't know where my hair stops, I just now it covers my body quite nicely when I get naked. I'm very thin, just like a woman, which is good cause when I do turn into one, I look good also. I don't look like a man trying to dress up as a female. i do still have lightly toned muscles, but then again, I don't need muscles so I don't train. I wear clothes that make my skin and hair pop. Usually in the tones of dark to ligh blue with white and purple or dark red detailing. And I do wear pants!

Psycho: Don't look all cute and innocent? Well you better get that out of your head! I'm cute of course, but innocence has left me long ago. I like to use advantage of people who think of me that way though. They are simply a breeze to manipulate. Of course, I don't really like to manipulate people after being used myself, but sometimes, it does give me the feeling of power. Otherwise, I'm quite gentle. I like the simple things in life and do sometimes loike company, though it's rare. I trust nobody, but I will make you feel secure around me. why would I trust anyone, nobody ever stays, nobody ever says the truth when all they want is to have me in their bed for a few nights before kicking me back to where I come from!

Story: When I was just a child, my parents left me at one of their friend's house. Lucky for me, this man was rich and had no heir to his fortune, he took me in and adopted me as his son. Since he was a wealthy man, I ran out of nothing. I had everything I wantes. When I reached the age to have intimate relationships, my adoptive father found me people who would give me my first experience. A man, and a woman. I prefered the man. My body had secret, it could be both male or female. Though I was born a man, it was sometimes fun to make the switch.
One night, as I was coming back home, the house was on fire. Using my water manipulation powers, I dowsed the flames. I found only two things after the blaze died out, a byakuren emblem and my father's burnt remains. For me it was clear. I had to destroy Byakuren. I joined the Ansatsu with revenge in my heart. But as the years passed, I had only been used for my strange body. When I confronted my leader, he laughed abd told me I was naive and that he was the one who killed my father. The emblem was my father's. I ran away from the ansatsu and found my way in the byakuren forces. I joined them in honnor of my father's memory. Sadly, it was mostly the same story. I was used for my body. Tired of all this, I decided to join nobody's force. If it's my body people wanted, then that's what they would get. But this time, you'll have to pay a high price to get your hands on me.

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PostSubject: Re: Aoki Yasamu   Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:47 pm


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Aoki Yasamu
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