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 Aisling Ludo

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Aisling Ludo
Rebel Warriors

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PostSubject: Aisling Ludo   Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:08 pm

Last Name : Ludo
First name : Aisling
Nickname : Ash, Vesel

Race: Forest Guardian

Age: 46 00

Sex of your character: Female

Sexual orientation of your character: Anything that can please me really.

Profession: Gypsy

Kingdom:Mythical island

~ Sleep of life(Light)
~ Capture (Earth)
~ Sirens wail (Earth)

Description of your powers:

~Sleep of life: With a simple hand swipe across the space in front of her,a large white crack in the air shall be seen.She shall then be able to manipulate it and any thing the light touches shall be placed in a deep coma,the victim may only reawaken once she touches them with her lips.
~Capture: Placing her hand against the ground,large dark green tendrils will rise from the ground and shoot towards the victim and binding the them so tight they won't be able to move a single limb.They will be able to breath and blink though,this power is mainly used when capturing prisoners.
~Sirens wail: Singing a soft tune,her hair will grow black while her eyes turn gold. The plants will be bound under the spell of her voice and will attack anything she see's as a threat.

Physical: Aisling is about 5'8,thin and very curvy. She has baby blue colored hair that reaches the small of her back and curls slightly at the bottom of it,she uses a large skull and crossbones to hold back a large bang that covers half over her face. She has light purple eyes that most people see as strange though to her she enjoys seeing others freak out because of it. She has three purple tribal painted stripes on her face,two beneath her eyes and one on her chin,this for her is just decoration from bordem. For clothing she wears a pink shawl as well as a bikini top. On her bottom she wears an orange and pink sarong type skirt and goes around barefoot, she also wears copper bracelets on her left arm and right leg. Her wings are a light blue with pink and orange lines as well as circles.

Psycho: Aisling is known for being both mischievous and playful, but is clingy at times, as well as being stubborn and immature. She is never afraid to speak her mind and would always help those when it is needed not when wanted. Asiling is also naturally curious to new things so she's not afraid of getting up close and personal to anyone or thing so she is able to understand it better,she also has a humongous ego but doesn't show it unless she is complimented. She also tends to be a naive goofball but if you were to tell her this she would take offence and get over it if one would apologise.

Story: Ailsing was born into a small Gypsy family,though not having a lot of money her parents kept her safe and taught her the ways of a gypsy. As she grew Aisling became more and more stronger in her abilities and strengths though her personality ,as her father told her, would be her down fall. She was very clingy to her parents and when they died she mourned them for years until she moved to a new spot in a forest just north of the Mythical Islands main village,she began to focus more on her practices and would spend hours upon hours perfecting her remedies and powers.

As years passed Aisling had never seen any other form of civilization though when a group of children saw her spread her wings and fly up to the top of a tree to collect fruit they would sit and watch her until one asked her how she got wings. Shocked to see another from of life she answered with a simple answer of,'I don't know.' this caused the children to laugh which made them grow closer to her. For days they would visit her and she would help them when they were stuck,they had then begun to call her Vesel,this name meant both entertainer and helper she in turn called them her little buds.
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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: Aisling Ludo   Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:13 pm

thanks for joining.. validated

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Aisling Ludo
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