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 Satherinian Vather

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Sathe Vather
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PostSubject: Satherinian Vather   Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:05 am

Last Name : Vather
First name : Satherinian
Nickname : Sathe

Race: Heretic Divine

Age: 12,328

Sex of your character: Female

Sexual orientation of your character: Straight

Profession: Traveller & Sadist

Kingdom: Mythical Island

Powers: Slash
Realm Walk
Shadow Beam

Description of your powers:
--Slash is very ordinary. With her scythe, Sathe could slice through many things, not everything, but most things. She's not very accurate at her hits, and her scythe is heavy, so she's often never the victor unless she uses her other powers to assist her. Since her scythe is curved, She'd slash at a thin, horizontal item, without breaking it, and hang from it.
--Realm Walk is probably the ability she uses most. It's like teleporting, except there's a realm in between. This realm allows her to walk freely from the plane of existence. But, she can't stay in the realm for too long or she'll be trapped in between reality and space. She can go through the realm as much as she wants, but she can't stay long. As a result, she doesn't use it unless she's fighting someone or being a show-off.
--Shadow Beam is her most powerful attack power ever. She doesn't use it often, since it drains her power. During Shadow Beam, she shoots up in midair to get a good aim and then lets a dark burst of destructable energy wherever she shoots. She usually faints after this, unless she barely fires anything at all. WHile performing Shadow Beam, she's completely defenseless.

Physical: Sathe has straight, short, black hair. Her skin is remarkably pale. Her eyes are a navy blue and they make her seem more innocent then she actually is. She wears a thin red bow on the left side of her head. She has an innocent look on her face most of the time, but when she fights or when people find out her 'secret' she is appeared with a sadistic killing smile. She wears a white shirt with a dark blue corset and a long, black skirt. She wears a short black jacket with puffy sleeves. Under her skirt, she wears black stockings and short armor boots. She also wears a lacy black choker.

Psycho: Sathe is a Sadist. No doubt about that. She can be mysterious, sadistic, and kind all within a short period of time. She loves death, and enjoys giving it and all it's glory to people. But that's only when someone ticks her off and makes her go crazy. She has many secrets, one of them being that she's a sadist. Whenever someone realizes it, Sathe tries to kill them. Other than that, she's a mysterious and kind person. She's quiet and usually keeps to herself. She also likes watching people attend festivals and events, she finds it funny that people would fuss over something so 'ridiculous'. And she loves revenge more than anything.

Story: Satherinian Vather was born in the winter and in the cold. Her parents were very caring and kind. One stormy afternoon, Sathe heard whispering in her house. Looking for the source of the soft, yet mysterious, noise, Sathe realized that no one was whispering. Her parents had been on a business journey away from home. Later that night, Sathe heard the whispering again, but found nothing. It was the next morning that Sathe realized the whispers were in her head, so that only she could hear them. Once Sathe realized this, she was able to understand what the whispers were saying. "They'll kill you" they kept saying. Confused, Sathe tried to ignore it, but she couldn't. She didn't understand what it meant. Her parents came home a few days later with a shady man in black. "This is a friend, Satherinian, no need to worry," Her parents said, but Sathe didn't trust them. That night, the shady man tried to kill her with a curved knife. That's when Sathe realized what the whispers meant. She killed the man with her bare hands, shredded him apart. She managed to drag the man into the lake, but she couldn't clean the blood stains. When her parents saw the blood, they got scared and tried to kill Sathe, so she killed them. She managed to rescue the shady man's curved knife and made it the blade of her scythe. She swore that if anyone were to find out what happened, she'd kill them. The whispers stopped, but she didn't. She became afraid of what people might think if they found out she would kill innocent people for being scared.
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PostSubject: Re: Satherinian Vather   Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:14 pm


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Satherinian Vather
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