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 Inukaiya, Hiwitari

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Inukaiya Hiwitari
Death Dealer

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PostSubject: Inukaiya, Hiwitari   Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:54 am

Last Name : Hiwitari
First name : Inukaiya
Nickname : Kai

Race: Hybrid

Age: 100

Sex of your character: Female

Sexual orientation of your character: Straight

Profession:Death Dealer(ninja)

Kingdom: Mythical island


Description of your powers:
Light:She can use control the power of light right now she can only use thunder and Spirit Sanctuary to help her protect her loved ones. She uses thunder for long distance attacks or to use with her weapons, and uses spirit sanctuary to protect her loved ones and allies mind's from being controlled.

Earth:She can control the power of nature. She uses it more for gardening,healing herbs ,and to fill a dead and lifeless place with life but don't be fooled she will use her power to defend and attack.

Air: Inukaiya can control air, she can create medium size tornado and strong typhoon. She doesn't use this power much but when she do it to help others fly like the Forest Guardians.

Fire:This power is the one she uses less since it conflicts with her earth powers and she can't control it good. This power only shows up when she feels extreme anger and rage. Once this power starts it hard to stop the only ones that can stop this power are fire users or water users.

Physical:Inukaiya has long purple hair down to her back in a one long wrap ponytail, her eyes are Dark purple that glows like gems in the moonlight.She has a slim petite tone figure. Her favorite color is purple. And finally she has wolf ears on the side of her head and a tail.

Psycho:In battle she cold,indifferent and serious. But when she's outside of battle she's kind,motherly playful and hardworking. Her personality can switch from puppy to full wolf depending on the events that happen. But she a really caring, but like her parents she has her blood thirsty wild side that happens from time to time and loves to eat meat raw,hunt,and run in the woods. When she gets angry her eyes turn Bright red like the fire element she use's when this happens she turns more wild then before her features and personality turns more wolf like, her mind goes blank if your not pack your enemy,she grows more then talks her canines grow sharper and longer. This is one of the reasons why she can't control the fire element because her mind is not their to command it only her anger, the only way to snap her out of it if she kills the one that made her angry,someone with water or fire element traps her and try to get trough to her wolf mind. But all in all she a preaty calm,loving and playful girl if she likes you.

Story: Inukaiya is a Hybrid, her mother was a beast-ling and her father a Lycan. These two beast genes put together gave her wolf features and scenes and the ability to change into a beast-ling and werewolf. Inukaiya was born and raised in the kingdom of mystical island joining with the side of Eiryo agreeing with their ways, she believes if two races can get together to create her why couldn't light and dark coexist peacefully. Inukaiya trained in the ways of death dealer in the ninja profession, since it goes great with her beast-ling and lycan genes both which are basically night beast with her senses and ability's she was perfect for the ninja role. She trained in katans and hand to hand, even thou she fights to bring both light and dark to coexist she will kill to protect her loved ones from good or evil.

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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: Inukaiya, Hiwitari   Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:45 pm

thanks, Validated....

War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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Inukaiya, Hiwitari
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