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 Reiji Takahashi

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Reiji Takahashi
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PostSubject: Reiji Takahashi   Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:59 am

Last Name : Takahashi
First name : Reiji
Nickname :

Race: Vampire
Age: 1869 years old

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: Bi

Profession: herbal therapist, artist

Kingdom: Mythical Island


Description of your powers:
Light: I have a really strong healling powers that works as much for physical and magical problemes. They work as much for myself as I can use it for others. Even that I can bring plants and animals back to life or make them more healthy. As for myself, when I get any kind of injury , the wounds or illness heal really fast, even if someone tried to poisin me or curse.
Darkness: I can use telepethy with any kind of living beaing. I can speak as much with anyone. Or I can also know what animals or plants are thinking and communicate with them. This can be really usful... since I can ask animals to do things for me.
Water: I love this power alot. I love to manipulate water, giving it any shape or form in mid-air or even in it's in a river or water source. This is one of my was to work with art. I also sometimes solidifie the water into cristal or ice. I can also make this power become a weapon if I make a sword or force water in someone's throat.

Physical: I love to keep my long dark violet hair long and up in a pony tail. My eyes share the same color as my hair, but much more bright. I have very light skin, almost snowy white. I always where black clothing. It make me look better. I always have a black leather chocker with chains attached to it. On my ears, you'll see a row of peircings.

Psycho: I am someone that is very calm, kind and gentel. I'm also a very peaceful person, always avoiding violence. I'm not really the one that will go up to someone and talk. Even that I don't talk much. Though I do love being with plants and animals and communicate with them. I think they are more simple to deal with. Others can sometimes be a bit too unpredictable. I have a deep passion for art and nature. I love helping others when I can, witch means I'm a very carring person.

Story: I have always lived in the forest, I have always loved it there. I loved how it's so peacful. Though I never really liked to talk with the other people in the village. I'd always run off deep in the forest and noticed that I was able to talk with the animals and the plants. I always consider them my best friends. Alot of people would think I was weird for me to like to be out there and not socilize with them instead. But I didn't care. They where most of the time... not so nice with me.  
Though there was one day I met this person that was working with plants. I got curiouse and wanted to know what he was doing. He told me he was making herbal medican. Right away.. this man cought my attention. I wanted to learn that. This man was how facinated I was with his work.. so he tough me everything he knew.
Sadly, there was an attack and I never saw him again. I kept everything he tough me and started helping other people around me. Even if I'm helping others, I still keep to myself having the animals and plants as freinds. Secretly I hope that I can meet someone that I could be freinds with... but besides my teacher, I have never meet anyone else that made me happy.

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PostSubject: Re: Reiji Takahashi   Sat Jun 23, 2012 7:59 am

welcome to our forum ^_^ have fun! ^_^

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Reiji Takahashi
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