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 the vampire that can't be tamed

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Akuryo Yoshimi
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PostSubject: the vampire that can't be tamed   Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:18 pm

Last Name : Yoshimi
First name : Akuryo
Nickname :

Race: Vampire
Age: 15 987 ( youngest age is 100)

Sex of your character:

Sexual orientation of your character:  -

Profession: Dancer / assassin

Kingdom: Forbidden kingdom

Powers: [Max: 4 powers from available abilities]

Darkness ( telekinesis)
Darkness ( leech & reflect)
Fire ( heat manipulation)

Description of your powers: (minimum 2 FULL LINES for each power)

telekinesis : makes me able to move things with my thought. This is almost looks like magnetic power that makes me able to draw things to come to me or pulled them away just with my thought. I don't need to look or move in order to use this power, just think about it and order it in my head.

Leech & reflect: absorb energy of life from other person or things that ahs life force and then use it as me own to heal wounds or increase my ability. I can activate the reflect part when I want to use the energy I receive to heal others. This can be done even though I don't absorb any energy as long as I have enough energy, I can heal anyone I want.

Heat manipulation : I can control fire and anything that has heat in it. Including a simple body heat of a person. I can increase a person's body heat into maximum and let him burn from the inside, or neutralize anything that has heat such as acid . of course, this power makes me immune to anything that contains heat or fire.

Physical Description: 4 full lines minimum. (From wall to wall in the post box)

I have a very long brown hair, it reached my butt. And I got a pearly looking skin. I am slim but still well build. I got golden hazel eyes and rosy lips. I always wore a traditional clothes like yukata and kimono, with a green golden mask to cover my eyes and face. It has a violet flower attached to it and some pearls as well. I always tied my hair in a pony tail at the back, using those pearls. If I am indoors, which means in my own bedroom, I will always be naked without nothing on me but my mask and the pearls. When my owner summoned me, I would wear the yukata his guard asked of me and I would go to him without a doubt. When I was with him, I always wore my best clothes and kimonos, that was to please him after all.

Psychological Description: 4 full lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box):

I am a slave ( despite the fact that I am warrior) I got an owner, that i don't know his name yet. People said he was an angel but to me, he was a demon. It's not that I hate him, it's just that he got tons of slaves and he was too busy to notice me. I was in love with him. but i was no simple whore. i don't let him embrace me all he wanted. I'm not a cheap one. i would tease him, seduce him but when he wanted to go all the way with me. i always pretend to be sick or ill. just to see how much he cared for me and it turned out that he only saw me as a whore. good, i got my loud and clear answer. i would not give my body to someone who only saw me as whore. not to this lord, not to anyone.

Story: 7 lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box)

I was found, brought to a huge luxury castle, and then I was give lots of fancy clothes with the finest silk and lots of luxury yukata and kimono. But of course, those things were not meant for me. Those were meant for the master of the castle. I was placed in a harem bedroom where lots of slaves slept there and cuddled each other since their lord hadn't come to touch them for a very long time. Yes, that harem bedroom, was luxury, covered in gold and diamonds, but it was a golden cage for everyone. People there, were all beauties from all over the world. Lots of them. And I, was merely one of those sex slaves and concubines. I lived there, shared bed with lots of men there. Those slaves, they would make love to each other since they starve for their lord's warmth, so pathetic. though for me, i would still kiss them and let them play with my body but never all the way, i'll tear them apart if they dared to go all the way on me. we still please each other and we still enjoy our time though.
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Lijuan Zhou
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PostSubject: Re: the vampire that can't be tamed   Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:24 pm


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the vampire that can't be tamed
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