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 Haru Tsbaski

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Haru Tsbaski
Dread Knight

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PostSubject: Haru Tsbaski   Thu May 16, 2013 2:25 pm

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Last Name : Tsbaski
First name : Haru
Nickname : Devil's Musician
Race: Dark elf
Age: 16773
Sex of your character: male
Sexual orientation of your character: Men mainly but he has been known to take notice in a few females.
Profession: Dread Knight : Necromancer
Kingdom: The inferno
• Song of the dead – darkness element ability
• Decay- darkness element ability
• Dream Maker – darkness element ability
• Poisonous antidote – dark elf ability

Description of your powers:
Song of the dead:
He uses a wooden flute engraved with numerous ancient seals to help call upon the dead and make them rise to do it’s biding it’s very similar to ‘spirits of the dead’ except for the use of the flute as a channelling object to amplify his powers.
It is a skill he has worked on throughout the years and has become very proficient at it with the ability to call upon high-class demons.
Everything Haru touches can degenerate into a pile of dust in a matter of seconds that is because he is able to fasten the decaying process. Of course it doesn’t work against certain objects such as diamonds because they are unaffected by the erosion of time.
Though it’s a less practiced skill of his but he can control it to the point he doesn’t have to fully decay something but just make it age.
Dream maker:
Once eye contact is made you’ve already fallen into a trap. Through eye contact even if it’s only for a moment he can send another person into a living nightmare. Though it can’t physically harm them it can mentally damage it’s victims as it’s extremely life-like and in most situations people will believe their dream is real.
Poisonous Antidote:
A skill he has learnt from his grandmother when he was young. She taught him everything she knew about fighting illnesses, wounds and poisons by using different poisons. Haru has built on this knowledge through experience and though it can be useful it can also be dangerous after all do you trust a dark elf with your life?

His features match that of what is stereotypical for ‘one of the dark and immoral’ and most people judge him on that which doesn’t help since he is a dark elf who already have a bad reputation.
His hair as black as night, its long silky strands loosely held by a blue ornamental hairpin. His shining gold eyes stand thanks to the long thick eyelashes framing them. His soft pale complexion makes him look likes he’s quite fragile which in truth is very deceptive. The characteristic of pointed ear most elves has lays hidden underneath his wavy locks.
He has long delicate fingers that would make him seem quite feminine but a look beneath his robes would show you some well-defined muscles.
His wardrobe mostly consists of yukata’s his preference being towards blue and gold fabrics.

He doesn’t remember when but at one stage of his life he lost most of his abilities to express emotions. Very rarely he’ll smile slightly with an upturned lip but never has he smiled so big to show any teeth. Perhaps it is the result from his blood-line but it would be a very big mistake to assume this means he doesn’t feel emotion. He is actually quite a gentle soul, unable to leave someone in need of help but his tongue tends to be sharp and his heart unwilling to let anyone get close. He is very unlike all the rumours about Dark Elves, not bloodthirsty of power hungry at all he simply tries to live his life in peace but when his hand is forced into action there is no doubt it’ll be a blood bath.

Haru grew up mostly in the care of his grandmother due to some unfortunate assumptions. When Haru was younger and began to learn magic it seemed as though he was above average compared to the regular Dark Elf but not only that he had no interest whatsoever in long range attack such as cross bows. Thus began the rumour he was in fact an illegitimate child, a result of a scandalous affair and dirty hybrid cross. Not only he himself was looked down upon but so was his mother and even though she pleaded to his father that it wasn’t true he believed them. In a way it was a sad part of Haru’s life but it was also a happy one, he got away from Dark Elves of such a foul nature they would have no doubt infected him with their poisonous hatred and he went to live with his grandmother a lady who always acted dignified and never refused a plea for help. In more than one ways she was his role-model but also someone he feared. She was a woman who enforced traditions, education and manners with an iron fist but this really only helped Haru more when out on his own as he knew the world had it’s rules if you wanted to get by you live by them, watch your back and never trust anyone.
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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: Haru Tsbaski   Thu May 16, 2013 7:11 pm


War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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Haru Tsbaski
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