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 Ai "Lucifer" Tokizawa

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Ai Tokizawa
Shadow Warrior

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PostSubject: Ai "Lucifer" Tokizawa   Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:49 pm

Last Name : Tokizawa
First name : Ai
Nickname : Lucifer

Race: Beast-ling

Age: 66 006 years old

Sex of your character: man

Sexual orientation of your character: Never thought of it

Profession: Guard Dog for Kylon Talgand

Kingdom: Choose between: Forbidden kingdom

1- Metamorphe
2- Mother Nature
3- Healing

Description of your powers:
1- Metamorphe is exactly what it implies. I may transform my entire body in the shape of a Hell Hound, the most beutiful demonic hound out there in order to protect the home of my Dear Master. This is the only shape I can morphe into.
2- Mother Nature is a joke to me. I can make plants grow at unparralleled speeds. I usually make them grow only when I'm bored. Either way, the plants and flowers I give life too cannot be burned, and they just do not die unless I kill them.
3- In order to be a perfect guard dog for Kylon, I learned to heal myself faster, and today, this ability is the one thing that saves my life all the time. I don't have time to bleed, I heal instantly.

Physical: I am ugly. That's my opinion. I hate the way my man body looks like. It's thin, the skin is light colored and soft. My eyes become gold when I'm in that form and I have annoying long black hair. I hate it. I hate that people say I'm beautiful, I feel like they mock me. I look so feminine. On the other hand, I love my hell hound look. It's dark, it's powerful. People look away from my glowing red eyes because they fear me. My body is muscular and strikes respect at the very second a person lays eyes on it. I stay in the form much more then in my other form.

Psycho: I've been told by my Master that I shouldn't keep putting myself down all the time and that I'm not as bad as I think I am. I can't help it, I see my Master's body and I feel weak and useless next to him when I'm in my man form. But when I'm in my guard dog form, I feel powerful and i let nobody take advantage of me. I am very loyal to Master Kylon. I will never betray him and I listen to every order he gives me. Even though I am an alpha when in my hell hound form, I am quite submissive in my man form since I don't feel comfortable in it.

Story: Master found me half dead and starving on the side of a river. I couldn't hunt, and I didn't have the energy to fish for food. I was in my hell hound form, so he picked me up and brought me to his mansion. He nursed me back to health and told me that I was to bring discipline to his horde of hell hounds. I don't know why I didn't just run away the minute could. I had very low confidence in myself, why did he think I ould rule over his pack? Maybe it was the fact that he was looking at me, but I did manage to bring myself over to become the pack leader, the Alpha. I don't know why he wasn't surprised when I turned to a man to hug him and thank him for everything, but that day, I decided to stay by his side forever. He doesn't have feelings for me, and I don't see him that way either, he it my Master and I love him that way as well. Andnow, he has a lover, I will protect him as well.

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Lijuan Zhou
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PostSubject: Re: Ai "Lucifer" Tokizawa   Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:01 pm


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Ai "Lucifer" Tokizawa
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