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 takeshi kaneshiro!! ( not the actor)

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Takeshi Kaneshiro
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PostSubject: takeshi kaneshiro!! ( not the actor)   Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:01 pm

Last Name : Kaneshiro
First name :Takeshi
Nickname : Fang ( the silver fox)

Race: beastling ( nine tail silver fox)

Age:70 599

Sex of your character: O_O

Sexual orientation of your character: ... awww come on!!!!!

Profession: second class general

Kingdom: Mystical island

Powers: [Max: 4 powers from available abilities]

dark frost
Frozen flame
Ice fox

Description of your powers: (minimum 2 FULL LINES for each power)

dark frost :

Can summon snow, make a snow storm or blizzard that could froze anything around the area. This could happen when my tails were all summoned and each of them started to cast the snow storm. I could use this 'frost' power to heal wounds by freezing the blood that flew out. That way, I could stop the bleed.

Frozen flame :

If mostly flames are orange and hot, this flame of mine is in blue and its freezing worse than the coldest ice. If my flame touch your skin, it will immediately freezes you to the core of your bones. The pain would strike to the deepest part of your cells and turned you into an ice statue. Of course when you are in such a state, it would be a pleasure for me to just smack you into pieces.

Ice fox:

Yup, even if I'm a fluffy huge white fox, I could turn myself into an ice fox. Which means my body would become hard as ice and freezes everything around me, even turned the ground into ice. Of course the chill was way worse than frozen flame itself.

Physical: ( 4 sentences minimum)

I have a creamy healthy skin. Long white hair reached my butt. My eyes were golden and I have a slight purple tattoo on my face. I wear a red yukata with white inner clothing. I carried a samurai sword with me, it was not like I used that sword, I already got my claws which was as hard as steel, but it might be best to use it sometimes when I did not feel like scratching my enemies. And, as for the detail of my body, well.. I'm slim, slightly muscular ( just a little) , the thing was I'm not feminine, that’s for real, but I'm not a big dude either.
For my nine tail fox form, I would look like a giant silver fox, with big, fluffy sparkling silver tails ( 9 of them). I got a pair of big sharp fangs and the other teeth was as sharp as blade. And when I roar… even the biggest lion would ran like an insect.

Psycho: (4 sentences minimum)

I am playful, fun, likes to fool around and very bizarre sometimes. I am a straight forward person, I will say what I want , what I like, hate, what I'm thinking out loud. I don't have time to be ashamed of things that I'd like to say or anything. I tend to make friends with lots of people but of course in a different way than others. I like living in the wild or open area, closed and indoor area made me feel nervous somehow. I don’t really like being surrounded by walls. I'd rather be surrounded by trees or the wild nature such as trees, wild flowers, and mountains. And I had to say, I'm a little bit narcissistic so it's not a new thing for me to be overconfident.

Story: ( at least please make it 6 sentences)

I was just wandering around the area like always, it's just another boring day of my life. Then, there was an attack. Some bandits and thugs attack my home land. It was not like I could fight them, this thing happened when I was a mere baby fox. At that day, there was a warrior came to my rescue he was a huge golden wolf. I had to admit he looked awesome for an alpha wolf. Starting from that day, he took care of me and provided me a new home. I always looked up to him and wanted to be like him, strong, filled with valor and intelligence. One day, he brought home a lover, who was from an ansatsu force, I was already with them and then another friend of his came as well, a broken angel. I made friends with them and stayed in a happy warm home ever since. I had devoted myself to this golden wolf, Lord Mitsunari. By the time I grew up and big, I learned how to use my powers to the fullest and become a general in his army. He was the first rank general and I was the second one, I was one level under him, his right hand.
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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: takeshi kaneshiro!! ( not the actor)   Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:12 pm

validated ^_^

War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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takeshi kaneshiro!! ( not the actor)
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