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 the intro of fox.

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Elric Dubois
Shadow Warrior

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PostSubject: the intro of fox.   Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:06 am

Last Name : Dubois
First name : Elric
Nickname :  Fox
Race: Vampire
Age: 32 689 years young
Sex of your character: Male
Sexual orientation of your character:  bi-sexual
Profession: Thief
Kingdom: Forbidden Kingdom

Darkness: minds labyrinth
Darkness: morph
Earth: Magneto kinesis

Description of your powers:
Minds Labyrinth: this is a defence ability against mental attacks, though it is a defence it can be damaging to anyone who challenges it people have been known to get lost, stuck within the labyrinth and end up having to comply to my will to receive their freedom.

Morph: This is the ability to manipulate my own cells, this allows me to change my appearance on will not just into other persons but animals as well. I normally only use this as a disguise when necessary or if travel will be quicker/easier otherwise I’m in my normal form.

Magneto kinesis: The ability to control/ manipulate metals, magnets and magnetic force fields. This ability doesn’t really have any boundaries I have full control over all metals and can manipulate magnets and magnetic fields according to my wishes.

Physical: I’m just one lovely sexy package, of course I can change my appearance at will but unless I’m on a job I’ll look my very sexy self. Did I mention I was sexy? I’m tall and have a lean build, I have long tawny hair which I haven’t cut for give or take a couple of centuries, so it reaches all the way down to my lower back. I also happen to have very deep blue coloured eyes however these features aren’t the ones that probably make me so hard to forget. I wear an eye patch and no its not some decoration, Its not like it was completely gouged out but it was to the state which I can’t see out of it and the whole orb is permanently red, people say they can heal it but I like to keep it as a reminder why not to trust anyone. From the same incident I also received a long gash to my abdomen, which now is a large pale scar. Other than that I suppose my many piercings draw people’s eyes.  

Psycho: Some people may think of me as the little bit of brightness in the ansatsu group but don’t let that fool you, though I’m mostly seen as cheery and playful however this label really only makes me that much more dangerous. The nickname fox isn’t just because I carry out some of my best jobs in that form, my personality matches up with the creatures quite well, I can be cunning, sly and very sneaky that’s why thinking I’m not as bad as the rest well only make you have your guard down, ready for me to pounce. Anyway the main thing you should know is I have gotten to the point in life where, fighting and wars never seem to end so rather than dedicating my life to a never ending blood bath I have dedicated to doing whatever I like and it isn’t like there is that many people out there to say I can’t.

Story: My father before me was from Ansatsu, he trained me to succeed him of course he thought I’d be a great warrior too bad I had no plan to take up such a career, If you ask me the art of thieving is just so much better however I did follow his wishes by joining the Ansatsu. My job there is pretty simple but still as dangerous, sometimes I steal information, weapons and at times I steal these things straight from the Byrakuren. Not once have I ever been caught, after all I’m am a fox as catchable as the wind.
Though I haven’t been caught I was once nearly killed by a Byrakuren, It had been my stupidity of course because I trusted that person with my life and my heart but I suppose when you’re young you can be naïve, you let love cloud you judgement. I didn’t see that my lover didn’t return such love but my eyes were wide open after that incident and I have no intention for falling into such traps again.
In my later years I suppose I’ve been enjoying myself more, If I wanted something I’d get it, lifes too short to follow the rules.
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Halrein Alsvieth
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PostSubject: Re: the intro of fox.   Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:29 pm


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the intro of fox.
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