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 Sora's Profile

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Shadow Warrior

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PostSubject: Sora's Profile   Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:03 pm

((here is the long version:, saldy the short one doesn't exist ^-^))

Last Name :
I don’t really remember, it’s been a long time since I’ve used it.
First name :
You could call me Sora but I like ‘my lord’ much better
Nickname :
I’ve been called a little firebug before but I don’t know if it was a compliment or an insult, either way he ended up seeing just how dangerous this ‘little firebug is’

the one with two smoking hot forms-Efreet

I’ve kind of lost count but I think I should be turning around 1256 soon.

Sex of your character:
Shall I show you, just to prove myself male?

Sexual orientation of your character:
I’m sorry ladies it’s not like you’re not beautiful but I simply can’t get hard for you anymore, I’m simply addicted to having a man between my legs.

landlord over this thriving village

I like hot places, with little water so no surprise where I call home: The inferno

• Hells wrath –fire
• Parasite- darkness
• Resurrection and regeneration- light

Description of your powers:
Hells wrath: My only offensive ability It allows me to completely control any source of fire including the fire within my own body. Not only does it let me control its actions but I can also intensify its heat and turn it into a blue flame or similarly I can decrease it so it’s warm to the touch but what’s the fun in that?
Parasite: I only learnt that I had this ability a little later on in life and believe me it was very useful. It allows me to drain one of their energy simply by touch and take it for myself, if don carefully little by little one wouldn’t even know it’s happening but sometimes I have a habit of taking it so forcefully the victim feels as though its being ripped out of their body.
Resurrection and regeneration: Strictly speaking the resurrection part is only useful for myself, once my heart stops beating it activates by itself, sparking me back to life though I don’t know if it works all the time, nor do I want to test it out. The regeneration part I can use on others If I wish, normally I’d have to exchange liquids like using my saliva to lick up the blood pouring from their wound. I think its more useful when using it for myself though I can choose wither or not my body will heal it, otherwise my beautiful tattoo’s would disappear!

My efreet form is pliable enough to change shape at will but the colour of my flames are always the same with a brilliant crimson red as bright and colourful as my long silky hair in my physical form. There are gold fleck running through my flame form similar that to my golden eyes and while this form is hot my physical one is smoking hot, literally when I’m going through the change or my body is getting hot it’ll give off smoke, like my skin is burning away and forming into fire. Though in all normal situations my physical form is pretty normal but then I suppose that depends on what you’d call normal. My skin is similar to porcelain with how pale it is as it never really has seen much sunlight, it’s soft in texture as well, I’ve never really worked hard before so it hasn’t had chances to make it tough though I’m not complaining it makes it all that more easier to seduce people with when I’m in need of a fix. I suppose even if my skin is pale it does bring out my tattoo’s that much better, I got each of them at different stages of my life for different reasons. I have a rather large red one on my back, an artistic interpretation of flames which runs down my back, finishing just where the curve of my butt begins. I have tattoo sleeves on both my arms starting a little further down from where me arm begins all the way onto the back of my hand. They aren’t exactly the same actually their opposite with the right one being black, the delicate decoration beginning where the black breaks and my skin shows plus a few touches of red. My left sleeve is my skin with black decoration, imitating slightly that of lace. I only have two more tattoo’s one on my right finger that looks like a ring and a gold crucifix like one on my upper left arm. I guess I kind of liked the burning sensation of my skin when I had it done but at this point I don’t think I’ll go any further but who knows?  Of course that’s not the only way I have marked my body, on my left ear I have a number of gold piercings, three up the top, a clasp and once on my actual lobe. I have a piercing somewhere else as well but I’ll leave your imagination to ponder that.
Though my clothing is subjected to change depending on how I’m feeling there is one thing I always wear, actually it’s more like stuck there that stupid enchanted collar around my throat that my predecessor cursed me with.  

If I had to judge wither I am nice or cruel I’d probably choose the latter. I myself know that my mind is twisted, I yearn for money simply because it gives me power and for that I will stop at nothing. I’d even leak some of the byrakuens deepest secrets for the right price. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at making deals, I’ able to keep a cool head and analyse what choice is best and wither their trying to cheat me. The price of cheating me is high, the only thing waiting for those who choose to do so are hells fires. Of course there are other ways to meet my fires, if you attempt to sexually satisfy me and satisfy yourself first then after that pleasure you’ll feel the pain of my flames though even if you do manage to satisfy me I’m very stubborn and will keep trying again until you succumb, release first and taste my flames. Though I have a great appetite for sex and some rather weird fetishes I’m not particularly happy after the deed is done perhaps this is why I rather like to send my partner up in flames and only using the ‘you came first’ as an excuse. So yes I’d say I was cruel but it’s not like I’m a tyrant I am not cruel to my people. The previous landlord taxed them hard enough I have a room full of gold and jewels but I find this method to be wrong though I quite often just lounge in the room, bathing in my wealth. They are hardworking people, I am their lord and I take that job seriously. They are under my protection, my guide and truthfully it’d be more than a little troublesome if they started to rebel or I lost them in any unnecessary wars. I think I am at least kind in this way, none of my subjects go without meals or medicine. Would I sacrifice myself if it meant their safety? Yes I would but it’s not like I’ll ever admit that.

Okay its story time, you better put the kids to bed before reading this one because there is no happily ever after, this is the world people, shit happens and it only made me stronger.
I was born into a small clan of efreets, it was tradition for the young ones to stay in their fiery form until they came of age.  When they did we’d hold a ceremony, our first time in our physical forms our skin would be marked by the elder with his strong flame and red ink, choosing a part of our bodies to Imprint the flame on. It was my first tattoo and it was pretty damn painful especially since back then I wasn’t use to pain, nor did I like it.
It wasn’t too long after this ceremony that I was captured by a travelling entertainer, the leader of a small group similar to that of a circus. The thought of an efreet joining his ranks seemed to excite him though he hadn’t forced me to join, like any young, naïve efreet I was easily persuaded to leave my home with his persuasive words and charm. All these dreams and expectations he planted in my head were soon crushed.
I spent a couple of years just learning the ropes, doing the dirty jobs and believe me you’d know it if you ever messed up. The ring master didn’t tolerate mess ups, he ruled with an iron fist nothing like the fairy godmother he played himself out to be when I’d first met him, it was from hi I learned people were deceptive but I wasn’t broken, I wasn’t twisted Just quite yet.
Later on I became an acrobat, flying through the air with my partner tristel, I’d sometimes light up in a ball of fire to entertain the audience, wow them. It was at this time I was much happier than at first, I had learnt not to make mistakes and when I did I took it like a man but now I had a reason to stay Tristel wasn’t only my partner on the high top but my lover. While I was a part of this group of entertainers I got my next tattoo’s, my arm sleeves. I had been reluctant to get another tattoo at first but I had been interested in how wonderful another of the groups tattoos looked so I decided to try it once more but if it hurt, to leave it at a single dot. However unlike the first time this time, I kind of liked the burning sensation against my skin. It took years before they were both finished but they did look quite sexy, tristel agreed. Looking back on it I regret only touching and kissing her, never experiencing a woman before I was no longer able to but perhaps it was by fate I’d caught the eye of a wealthy landowner, who bought m to keep as his pet.
I know I said I was cruel but this man was much worse, there were times I forgot how the cool wind felt across my face because I stayed locked up for so long. I became a toy and though I resented it I began to crave it my body became something I didn’t know, it became a sex organ and at that point I lost track of time, lost in the pleasure. Even when He left he left me in som cruel postion unable to release for days before he’d return. I had feelings towards this man perhaps it was Stockholm syndrome but eventually I saw through it, no matter how much my body liked it, I hated him so much that my eyes grew more soulless by the day. I had become a simple doll and I might’ve stayed that way if it wasn’t for that man coming before me.
He said he was a byrakuen, at the time I didn’t really know what it was, he explained it to me but he also proposed something to me, an idea and I couldn’t resist. He told me if I should make sure of my masters death, who had ties to the anatsu than he would help me become landlord afterwards.
There was only one problem, my master could control water something I was very weak to. So I couldn’t just burst him into flames, it was around this time I learnt of y parasite ability. I did it slowly draining him every time he decided to touch me and when he was too tired I seduced him, convinced him to do so. I think he knew what I’d done when I saw the light fade from his eyes, he just didn’t realise soon enough.
I got my money, I got my power Just as the byrakuen promised, before he parted though he told me to pick my side carefully and I did, he was obviously one of them who didn’t mind doing something bad to help goodness flourish. I think h knew I wasn’t a very nice person anymore but I was smart, I’d play it careful not to announce my dealings with the byrakuen, do it secretly and only in little ways like funding money, giving them a safe place to hide when stuck in the inferno and passing on any information I hear on the grape vine.
I became a landlord and I have been this way for more years than I hadn’t, the village I ruled was pretty large due to its prosperity, the land had been lucky enough to house valuable minerals such as gold and the people living there were great craftsmen who could fashion the most beautiful jewellery and strong weapons. With the little tax I oppose on them they live quite joyful life’s and though I can see the fright in their eyes any time I venture out of my mansion, I can see their respect as well.
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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: Sora's Profile   Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:57 pm

all is ok.. but your avatar... please re-size it a little? max width is 250 pixels. if you can't just send the image to us, then we'll do it for you

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Shadow Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Sora's Profile   Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:14 pm

Sorry, my bad all fixed up.
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Lijuan Zhou
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PostSubject: Re: Sora's Profile   Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:24 pm

I will not call you Lord, but I will welcome you into this Forum ^^

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Sora's Profile
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