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 (open) a secret place.

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Shadow Warrior

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PostSubject: (open) a secret place.    Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:34 pm

There was one thing I hated most in this world, in my opinion we could perfectly function without it. An unnecessary liquid…even though others need it to live…grow food… okay so it’s necessary but I still didn’t like it. Water was something some people thought of as the ‘matter of life’ but I only thought of it as an enemy, nobody liked their own weakness and I was no exception. Therefor bathing was my least favourite time, I was like a kid protesting, avoiding but eventually I ended up in that most hated substance but at least I got to choose the most enjoyable one.
At the base of Mt Hades there were some very hot, hot springs probably too much so for any normal person. It was secluded and that’s the way I liked it, at least if I was going to bare my weakness no one else would be around.

My clothes were left bundled by the side as a slipt my toes in to the water. I flinched a bit, no matter how hot the water was it was still gave me a displeasing feeling flowing through my body. Soon I was fully submerged in the awkwardness that surrounded me. It was the fiery heat that calmed me, made it bearable. Time passed and after I washed my body clean I allowed myself to float on the surface. I further rose the temperature of the water as I took in a deep breath, some people would dislike the smell of volcanic activity but I revealed in it. It smelt like home, like nostalgia all I had to do was close my eyes.

Thud, my eyes shot open. Perhaps I had stayed too long, I’d thought no one else would venture into such a place. I supposed it could have been an animal and I probably would have known if the steam hadn’t impaired my vision, apparently there was something as too much heat. I could make out a shape but I still couldn’t distinguish exactly what it was. I could’ve hid underneath the surface until it passed but I was never one to shy away.

“Who’s there”
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(open) a secret place.
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