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 Awkward Meeting Halrein's Sensei[PRP: Halrein, Saigo]

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Reiji Takahashi
Journey Men

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PostSubject: Awkward Meeting Halrein's Sensei[PRP: Halrein, Saigo]   Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:59 am

After we left the forbidden kingdom, Halrein thought that we should start looking for his Teacher Saigo in the Kingdom of Heaven, since that's where he lives. But his house, his very, was empty. So, he thought the next logical place he would be would be with the elves. So, we had to travel all the way the the Mystical Islands. During our travels, Halrein did try to train me, but it always ended up the same because of my awkwardness. I sat on the ground and drew stuff each time, blushing. It took us a long time before we reached the Fressia Village. Most of the way was made safely, except a few encounters like the thieves, then there was the pack of hell hounds, the frightful night surrounded by fire sneezing lizards, a few indigestions caused by Halrein's cooking when I was too tired, and the time I was trapped in a collapsed cave I accidently fell in. Other then that, it was easy going. Did I mention when we lost eachother in the fog? That was a long two hours hearing eachother's echoeing voice and weird noises that creaped the hell out of me without finding eachother.

So, eventually, and rather somehow, we made it to the elven village. It was a good thing since we were out of food and energy. The first place we headed for was the Inn of the Village, we both thought it would be the best place to ask questions about Saigo's whereabouts and to, dare I say it, sleep in a real bed. This, I've been dreaming about since day one of this journey. Even if I was used to falling asleep on the ground, a bed sounded like luxury right now. And a warm shower. Just the thought made me walk a little faster. In the Inn, Halrein had to fight with the keeper so that I could bring the wolf with us inside. Even though she said that she didn't mind sleeping outside, I wanted her to come along because I didn't want her to get hunted again. As for my medical side, this place was paradise. Halrein seemed annoyed each time I would stop to pick something up that could be useful or that's rare, but this place is the elven country, it was far from where I lived. They don't lack a lot of rare medical herbs and they have a lot more variety then the region I was from. For once, my medical cabinet was stuffed. It was missing space, but I was still able to fit everything in. Sensei would have loved to be here. I remembered how he used to curse the plants that didn't grow or died in his greehouse. I eventually asked myself why I had left this kingdom if I actually came back to look for someone else. Must have been to save the wolf. Sensei always told me that every action has a meaning even if we don't see it right away.

The people at the Inn had no useful information about Halrein's Sensei, so we decided to go up to our rooms and search some more tomorrow, after a good night sleep and a nice warm meal. The moment I sat on the bed, I knew I was going to sleep well. The last time I had slept in a bed was before leaving my home to head on this journey. As I sat on the bed there, I looked at Halrein and then, a thought came to mind.

-Hey Hal, instead of walking all over the place, why don't you send him a letter to meet us somewhere?

It seemed to me that it would have been so much simpler.

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Halrein Alsvieth
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PostSubject: Re: Awkward Meeting Halrein's Sensei[PRP: Halrein, Saigo]   Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:05 pm

They walked, walked, walked, never ending endless walking!! It would be better if halrein just spread his wings and fly up above in the sky! They wouldn't have to get lost in the fog and blah..blah!! But.. then again.. reiji couldn't fly and that wolf just couldn't fly as well. So let's face it.. a long winding road waiting for their long….long… journey. So, Halrein walked. And after hours.. hours of walking, they finally made it to the village of the elves, Fressia village.

But Halrein's pain did not end there, he had to fight with the inn keeper so that Mr. Animal Lover could bring his pet inside! He was already tired, exhausted, in pain, and irritated to the point that he could explode anytime. Though in the end, he could relax a little. Then, he waited till reiji finished his bath. Then, Halein took his time to take a nice warm bath. It felt like heaven!! He finished after a while and then he heard reiji's proposal about this teacher, Saigo. A letter would reach faster if it was sent with halrein's 'power' inside. So, he wrote to his sensei.

Dear Saigo the pervert.

Yo!! Sensei!! What's up with your life? Say… I have a new 'fluffy' student for you to abuse and teach. He needed tons of help with his fighting skill and guess what.. I gave up in teaching him!! So… Saigo sensei.. come to fressia village and save me from this… helplessness..

With the warmest regards possible.


There, it's all done and he sent it using his special earth power. He attached some of it so that this letter could somehow, 'detect' the whereabouts of his teacher and then, he attached it to a bird's leg. After that, he went downstairs and ordered a room service, two potions of main course to be delivered to their room, and one portions of raw meat for the wolf.

The room service came after some time and halrein put reiji's share on the table. Halrein slowly ate his beef and vegetables. He grabbed a bottle of water to clear his throat as well. He looked at reiji, telling him to eat so that he would have enough strength to fight.

,' hey reiji-kun, you should eat that you know. And.. I think Saigo will be able to teach you better than me, well.. if you seek out another combat teacher, I would suggest the golden wolf to you but.. I don't think you'll like that jerk."

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Dread Knight

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PostSubject: Re: Awkward Meeting Halrein's Sensei[PRP: Halrein, Saigo]   Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:39 pm

While with my darling Ryohei, I had received a charming.letter from my cute little student asking for my help in training a boy he had met. I had to abandon my wondrous time with my cute elf in order to go up with Halrein. It didn't take me very long to fly all the way to him. The elves there looked at me, whispering the name they had given me and then I asked where Halrein was, they pointed the Inn. Time to pay my cute student a nice little visit. I didn't knock, I just pushed open the door and walked in. Halrein was there with a weak looking vampire boy. I sighed. He wanted me to train that?
I walked straight for Halrein, pushed him up against the wal and stared straight in his eyes. He knew he couldn't beat me I was more then stronger then him. Our faces were just a few milimeters appart. I pressed my chest against his, felt the vampire move silently behind me, used my earth powers to hold his legs and arms down.

"I got your sweet little letter Haley. Such a respectful student you were. Such a powerful man you've become.'re still aching for me to beat you up aren't you? How dare you call me a pervert! You never had much respect, but for Heaven's sake, I'm your Sensei! You little Bitch!"

People didn't really know, but I was quite the terror when I had to play Sensei. People either respcted me out of fear or they were beaten into submission. I forced Halrein down on his knees with one well place pressure of my foot. Then, I slapp him behind the head and told him to respect me. He still didn't surpass me, he had no right to disrespect me. I then turned my attentipn to the vampire. He was afraid, weak looking and quite frankly pathetic at first glance. He looked easy enough to train, why was my student unabble to train him then? I pulled Halrein back to his feet and pointed towards the vampire.

"Haley, what's this? A new born flower seems toigher then he is. Have you even tried to train him or did you just give him a stick to wave around. Vampire! State your name and your strong points. Now."

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PostSubject: Re: Awkward Meeting Halrein's Sensei[PRP: Halrein, Saigo]   

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Awkward Meeting Halrein's Sensei[PRP: Halrein, Saigo]
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