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 well you can either sink or swim

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PostSubject: well you can either sink or swim   Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:39 pm

First name :

Nickname :
+Lion of God


39 726

Sex of your character:

Sexual orientation of your character:
He loves all but indeed has a preference for men.

Arch Mage

Kingdom of heaven


Description of your powers:
Natures Light: All beings have aura, energy around them. He is able to harness this energy, taking it from his surroundings and from within himself to pass it onto another being. This energy has the ability to heal no just physical wounds but curses as well.

Divine light: similar to matures light it is an energy but unlike it it is not a peaceful one. It’s like a divine punishment, an energy he can create within his self and release in an attack of light balls. It is incredibly effective against those with darkness in their heart but has no effect whatsoever against the pure of heart.

Fury Flames: As a mage his control over the element of fire is no doubt what he most well known for. It’s a formidable weapon his flames so hot that they are blue instead of red. Such good control over them that their size and area they can cover is immeasurable.

Forbidden key: His last ability to form, one in which he forced himself to learn. A divine playing with dark magic isn’t the most respectable thing and so it isn’t an ability he uses so carelessly but he had a strong belief that when at war one needed to fight fire with fire, darkness with darkness. He can create rifts through dimensions with this power and call forth creatures to control.

A man that has lived quite a few years but it doesn’t show on his face, he looks as young as he did thirty-nine thousand years ago.  He has long dark blonder hair reaching down to his lower back, which is normally tied back by a ribbon.  He has bright green eyes and a creamy complexion to match. He isn’t a brawny man as his battle prowess lays within his abilities, that being said he is a rather lanky man, long limbs, lean muscles. He has a piercing on his left ear, a ruby gem earring.  His every day wear would consist of fine tailored suits, he likes to look like a gentleman though at home he doesn’t mind relaxing and wearing something less restricting like pyjama’s, yukata or even just a robe. During battle of course he only wears the finest of armours.  

His nickname lion of god not just because his beautiful blonde mane but referring to the angel Areil, protector. That’s the sort of person he is, a protector he’d go out on every limb to keep safe the people he loves, his comrades and his kingdom. While when it does come to protecting he is rather serious he is an upbeat sort of guy, he knows how to laugh and have a good time. He is someone who’s very fond of skinship and will not hesitate to greet his friends with a warm hug. Though at this moment he’s only a shell, wither he forced himself to forget or he really can’t remember at this point he’s lost in the dark with only a few pieces of memories intact, he feels numb and his sanity is questionable.

He can only remember a warm embrace, a friendly smile. Two children playing beneath a chestnut tree, one was him but still no matter how he tried he couldn’t remember the other childs face but perhaps it was best he had forgotten if he didn’t know anything he was certain to not let anything leak. The question may be how did the lion of god wind up like this? For the answer to that you’d need to go back a couple of centuries perhaps even further. A battle had broken out between the anatsu and the byrakuen at the outskirts of a village. Levi had been leading the charge but  in the middle of battle some curious children from the village had ventured too close. He’d gone to protect them and ended up in chains, worse than that though magical chains that binded his power. He was taken in and interrogated into leaking information though he gave none. It was shaky for a while but his stubbornness got through and he was able to keep his mouth shut but at some point he just couldn’t tell them even if he wanted to, he couldn’t remember. Its been some years since anyone came in to interrogate him now, perhaps they’d given up and so he’s been in a cell, chained the only company being a stuffed rabbit toy one of the children had been carrying though..Levi does believe that the rabbit talks back…yeah maybe his sanity did go away somewhere.
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PostSubject: Re: well you can either sink or swim   Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:58 pm

Welcome and please enjoy your stay!

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well you can either sink or swim
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