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 Eiryu's Orochi

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PostSubject: Eiryu's Orochi   Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:57 pm

Last name: Oumi
First name: Shinogu
Nickname: Orochi

Race: Hybrid

Age: 45 793 years old

Sex of your character: Man

Sexual orientation of your character: Unknown

Profession: Assassin for Eiryu

Kingdom: Mythical Island

1- Hydrokenisis
2- Cobra's dance
3- Cobra's strike

Descriptions of your powers:
1- Hydrokenisis: Allows every and all liquids to be manipulated to the image in my mind. Liquids may become solids or vapor. It all depends on my desire. My whim. Liquid clones of myself can also be created, though practically useless except to overwhelm an enemy.
2-Cobra's dance: Have you ever seen a Cobra dance? It will stare straight in your eyes and move slowly, it will make you do the same movement and then strike you. My dance is about the same, if you stare in my eyes and that I activate this gift, you will die by your own hand, shadowing my every move.
3- Cobra's strike: A very physical attack. I bite you, inject a certain amount of venom in your blood stream and watch as you die in a very short amount of time. There is no anti venom for my toxines. My venom can also be extracted and used to created poisonous weapons. Once in your system, you are doomed to a very painful death.

Physical: My hair reflects my primary power of Liquid manipulation. It is an ocean blue color with a light purple tint when light hits it the right way. They are kept short as to not interfere in my work. My eyes are red with a golden tint. I'm not very big, nor am I very tall, but I make up in speed and agility what I lack in strenght. My body is covered in sky blue markings, tattooed on my skin for each succesful mission I accomplished.
My clothes are skin tight. The under is darkish grey with blue marking while on the bottom I wear a light combat armor in different colors, depending on my mood. I have no weapon except the claws forms by extremely sharp scales on my hands and my powers. My fangs are also one of my weapons.

Psycho: I'm a known workaholic. I will finish a mission, go back to headquarters and take up another one. It doesn't matter the difficulty of the task, I will undoubtedly get it done perfectly. I am a perfectionist in ever sense of the term. If you have the luck or the bad luck to enter my domain, you will not see anything that doesn't have a specific place and use. I despise things that waste my time or that mock my skills. I will always push myself to be the best that I can be. Pushing my limits is the only pass time I have and the only one I need. I am hard to approach and even harder to understand. I am attached to no one and nobody. I live as a shadow, nobody notices me, but I am always there, and once you do notice me, you're already dying.

Story: My family was a strange mix between a male elf and a female beastling. I was created and then left abandonned while my creators left to live their own lives. I didn't really care. I survived fine in my own, grew up and became more dettached from everything. I was scouted by the Eiryu because of my reputation to kill without touching the person. They wanted neither byakuren or ansatsu to use me as their weapon so they decided to use me to keep the balance between the two. I didn't care. It was just a chance to push my limits even further. Ever since my joining them, I've climbed the ladder to greatness and now Orochi us well known throughout the forces as one of the deadliest assassins out there. The younger people even fear me to the point that they dare not go where I had killed by fear of being cursed and marked as next in my list.
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PostSubject: Re: Eiryu's Orochi   Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:04 pm


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Eiryu's Orochi
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