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 Reiga Giou

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Reiga Giou
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PostSubject: Reiga Giou   Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:30 am

Last name: Giou
First name: Reiga
Nickname: The User Of Azure

Race: Dark Elf

Age: 1 246 years of age.

Sex of your Character: Man

Sexual Orientation of your Character: ...

Profession: Healer/Necromance/ magic user

Kingdom: y birth took place in the Forbidden Kingdom

1- Healer
2- Necromancer
3- Mystic Sight
4- Blue Flames

Description of your powers:
1- Healer: Contrary to what most people think of dark elves, I have the power to heal any sort of wound. I can also heal illnesses and curses. My power makes use of what we call Azure, blue magic, which gives me my nick name.
2- Necromancer: On the opposite of my Healing powers, my necromancer skills work only on dead creatures or people. On the plus side, I can bring someone back from the dead and heal them back to health after that. Althought they are never really the same after I bring them back.
3- Mytic Sight: Allows me to see the futur of a person I touch. Durect physical contact is necessary, however, if a place is filled with powerful energy, I can have a sudden vision. I can usually control this power quite easily.
4- Blue Flames: Thought to be the fire directly from the hellish abyss. I believe these flames come from the Azure. The magical energy that floats around us always. My bkue flames can burn anything just as they can dance harmlessly upon your delicate skin.

Physical: Unlike most dark elves, my ears are not elongated and my skin is not pale nor dark. I seemed to be just like a normal elf. Also unlike most of my people, my eyes are crystal blue with a vertical pupil. They are the same color as the Azure around us. My hair, long enough to cover my back end, are black as the feathers found on a raven or in the deepest abyss.
I am neither tall nor short. Though I am thin and almost free of any muscles, strenght is still part of my skills. Rapidity is a great aid when it comes to my battle skills.
My clothing is and will always remain traditional to my favorute country.
Psychological: I am not a cold person, but I appear that way to many. I see nothing wrong in getting my nose in other people's business. I actually make their business my own. I found that I can help them with their problems by using magic. I feel no joy in helping them find love or money, but I do love helping them get revenge most foul.
I don't believe I am unsociable but I do like to spend some time by myself. I appreciate the subtil sounds of soft melodies and the songs of birds. I don't shy away from physical relationships, however, the person must prove his worth to me before I will allow him to even touch me. Some say, I play hard to get. It amuses me.

Story: I am born in the Giou clan as the third son. However my birth was unexpected and unwanted. My physical appearance also made other people look down upon my existence. I was earlier thought of being an illegemate son, born from another man, but that theory was pushed away when my blood proved to be pure. As if all that wasn't enough, my gifts also rose against the people's desires.
I was shun by all the people, pushed aside from society. Only my elder brother took me under his wing, protecting me from this painful treatment. However, one day, my brother Takashiro had to leave to erradicate some ansatsu from a byakuren village and left me in charge of our village. In our back yard, there was a cherry tree that had yet to bloom like the others. That year, it bloomed, then died. That year, I cracked and burned the village, killing everyone that had ever mistreated me. Including Takashiro's wife and children. I was quickly recruited by the ansatsu. Seeing them shower me with affection, I accepted.
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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: Reiga Giou   Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:19 pm


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Reiga Giou
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