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 Mana Ishida's youngest warrior

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Manato Ishida
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PostSubject: Mana Ishida's youngest warrior   Tue Feb 25, 2014 2:55 am

Last name: Ishida
First name: Manato
Nickname: Mana

Race: Beastling (wolf)

Age: 598 972 years old

Sex of your character: man

Sexual Orientation of your character: never thought of it

Profession: Second rank General of Byakuren

Kingdom: Mystical Island

1- Light, healing
2- Leaf Storm
3- Melting Darkness

Description of your powers:
1- Healing: My.power can heal myself and others of all wounds and illnesses. Poisons and other toxins includin venoms of any types are destroyed with a contact of my lips. That's correct, my power is physically transmited, best way is orally.

2- Leaf Storm: Ever cut yourself with a dang page in a book? Stings, doesn't it? Now imagine a storm of razor sharp leaves spinning around you with nothing that can stop them, cutting and digging into your flesh. Now imagine if those same leaves are toxic, oh the amusement one can have with a simple, poisonous cut.

3- Melting Darkness: We all fear the monster hidden in the shadows. Usually, for my enemies, I am that monster. Once I step into the shadows, I am invisible to anyone's eyes. Melting Darkness also allows me to travel through it in silence.

Physical: I've been told that I look like my older brother Mitsunari physically, only the color of our hair and fur is different. Where he is golden, I am shadows. My eyes are black as the darkness during a moonless night. My body is large and strong, my tail, it's been said, could make even the golden wolf envy it. My hair reach my shoulders and a little lower. I never wear shirts, I only wear clothes from my clan. I have my tribal necklaces around my neck all the time. I'm tall but said to be a little shorter then Mitsunari Ishida. My ears are so smaller then my brother's. However, my tail is very long and...euh...fluffy...

Psycho: I am kind. I don't like when innocent people get harmed. I take my job very seriously. If a mission is given to me, I will fufill it as long as I find it righteous. If I don't find it good and fair, I will deny it. Which is why I am still only a second rank general.
I'm not very good with socializing, I'm actually a shy man. I try my best to uphold a conversation, but I'm not very good. Every since my birth, I've been compared to the legendary great Golden Wolf Mirsunari, my brother, so I've never found who I actually am, my true self, my own path.

Story: You will never be as good as Mitsunari, just give up already!
I heard this so many times. It made me want to only prove them wrong even more. I was so tired of people always comparing me to my elder brother, I never even met him. He was exiled before my birth for being too different. I was lucky, I was born with black and dark grey fur. However, the tribe trained me to be strong and gave me markings all over my skin so that the darkness within me would never take hold of my heart. They feared that I would become like the golden wolf.
Too bad for them, it seemed that we were destined to follow the same path. I was quickly brought up to second rank general of Byakuren. Apparently, my brother was first rank general. I aspire to be like him, and to finally meet him one of these days.
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Lijuan Zhou
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PostSubject: Re: Mana Ishida's youngest warrior   Tue Feb 25, 2014 2:56 am


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Mana Ishida's youngest warrior
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