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 bunny bunny... im your bunny...

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PostSubject: bunny bunny... im your bunny...   Tue Feb 25, 2014 7:47 pm

Last Name:
First name: Hazuki
Age: 8950

Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: hot guys only

Class : beastling
job : stray cat????

- darkness: drain, leech
- Light : healing wind, prayer

Description of your powers:
- draining my opponent’s power and energy is the most favorite thing that I can do. it only takes a simple touch of my skin or even a little sharing of body fluids to make me able to drain my enemy completely till they are dry and crispy. The last one in darkness power, leech. This is just simple one, I can drain my enemy’s blood just by kissing them, with this, I turn my whole skin into blood sucker weapon. This gets easier if the victims fall into my seductive gaze easily.

- using healing ability is also my power. I can cast healing wind which will heal lots of people, but I rarely use this since I’m not that generous to the extent that I’m willing to heal people. As for prayer, this ability will enhance the rest of my attacks and defenses, makes them stronger, this can heal my wounds faster as well, though I have a powerful healing ability which makes my wounds disappear and heals in no time after get hurt.

Physical Description:
As a man, I have a feminine look, smooth white skin, long silver hair that reaches my butt, slim body and deep curvy waist. My height is just average it’s around 170 cm, more or less. I always wear traditional clothes like kimono or yukata, those are my favorite clothing, they look perfect on me and I always choose the one in silk or satin since I like the smooth texture on my skin. i have a pair of ocean blue eyes, they are gentle, but beware, I can seduce people with those eyes, I can make them succumb and kneel to me begging for my touch if I want to. As for my lips, they are fresh rose, soft color, as smooth as it feels if someone kisses me. I am a bunny and I have a fluffy bunny tail, and long white ears that were smooth and silky and.. FLUFFY!!!
When I travel around, I will wear my white yukata with blue transparent kimono in the inside, and I will tie up my hair in the center and let it a bit loose, I look more sensual that way. I don’t bring any weapon with me but a whip that is perfectly hidden in my yukata since I wear it as belt.

Psychological Description:

I am a person who was afraid of huge things, and dark things or places. But there was something about me… I like anything fluffy and soft… when it came to anything like that, it did not matter dark or bright, I would go grab and cuddle it. I also like vegetables since I'm a bunny, I don’t really eat meat… I'm not a predator, I was the one got eaten!!! I tend to fear something with sharp teeth.. and claws.. coz all of those who had them… was predator to me!! They would chase and ate me or.. try to eat me. So, I spend my time either in my human form, or if I ever turn into a fluffy white bunny, I would stay indoors, or hidden in the bush.


i was found by an angel. i was dumped by my parents and i was thrown away to the street. it was then a wolf clan found me and brought me to their care. They took care of me. giving me nice clothes, castle to live in, food to eat, and home. they gave me all that and in return, i became their slave. I did not know if that was okay or not, what I know was that I became their slave since it was for payment. I started to serve that wolf clan and then, I used to play with the other tiny animals back then. However, When the alpha golden wolf executed the ansatsu leader, the wolf clan collapse and I was thrown into the street again. I did not know how.. but the ansatsu simply crushed the wolf clan as a revenge on their leader's death. Ever since that day, I lived in the forest, street, cave, anywhere I could.. I was homeless.
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PostSubject: Re: bunny bunny... im your bunny...   Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:13 pm


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bunny bunny... im your bunny...
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