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 your romantic killer?

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PostSubject: your romantic killer?   Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:11 pm

Last Name : N/A
First name : Kojiro
Nickname : ---

Race: Heretic Divine

Age: 99 888

Sex of your character: N/A

Sexual orientation of your character: N/A

Profession: Assassin

Kingdom: Forbidden kingdom

Powers: [Max: 4 powers from available abilities]

darkness :

Kojiro could summon cards, but they were no simple cards. he would draw the card and then it would turn into a weapon based on what card he drew. for example : death - he could summon scythe or death itself. mirror : which will copy his enemy's technique. of course, he still got plenty of cards, he just did not let them revealed.

light : healing was one of his ability. he has a special card that eh could call, the angel. when he summoned it, angels would come down from heaven and healed all wounds and remove curses. he could also use the angels to battle his opponent if eh wished to, but mostly he would sue it for healing purpose.

Physical: ( 4 sentences minimum)

short black hair, black eyes, with gaze of a blade. his eyes would make people shiver and backed away in fear. Kojiro, loved to wear simple robe in dark color or dark kimono. he had no interest in bright colors, or such thing, he loved darkness when others loved the light. his build was not that big. it was just average. normal body size for a man of his figure. sure he got muscles and well carved abs, but he was not a huge guy. Kojiro, had no weapons in him, it was inside him. his weapon was completely hidden inside his mind, soul, and it could only responded to his call. Also, as a heretic divine, he got four pairs of wings with dark red color. it was darker than the scarlet color of blood, ti was almost like black-red color. his wings were as huge as dragon's but the texture was like eagle's wings.

Psycho: (4 sentences minimum)

Psycho: He's always been known as a cold man with an affinity to food, of course that's explained by the fact that he was abandoned by his mother and almost starved to death. He cooks most of the time he isn't on a mission, he always says that nutrition is very important, and that he would be the best chef, and assassin at the same time.
When he's at home, he doesn't mind playing around, making the other ansatsu actually smile and laugh, though his personal mission is a man that keeps to himself and never smiles.
When on a mission, he's a pro. He prefers getting it done quickly before going back home to have some more fun. He kind of enjoy killing, he was known as the "gentle" assassin by the force.


The boy is a menace to us!"

"He must leave! We must exile him!"

Those are the words Kojiro will always remember. His powers and strength made even his own clan, his family feared him. The only person holding on to him was his mother.
One day, his mother brought him on a long walk. Kojiro was tired and his mother told him to sleep, though when he woke up, he was alone. His mother had left him there. He wandered around, after a day, he stopped crying, after a week, he stopped caring and after twelve days, he wanted revenge. He was found starving and weak a month later by Ansatsu soldiers. They brought him in and brought him back to his feet. It was only natural that he became one of theirs.
After years of making up his reputation, a new man was brought it the place he lived. Reiga. Somehow, he felt something odd towards this man. he did not know what that was, whether it's good or not, one thing for sure, he wished he would never need to kill that guy, he seemed to be too young to die.
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PostSubject: Re: your romantic killer?   Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:20 pm


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your romantic killer?
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