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 your lovely flame

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Rin Matsuoka
Journey Men

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PostSubject: your lovely flame   Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:20 pm

Last name : Matsuoka
First name: Rin
Nickname : ---
Sex : male
Age : 7000
Sexual orientation : my father!!!!
Race : efreet

Job : house keeper… "dancer"
Location : forbidden kingdom
Powers :

blood control : I could control any liquids, that includes blood and water, and any other liquid. I could control your movement, I could even turn your blood into blades that pierced through your insides out. That would be the fun way of killing someone.

Holy flame : this was supposed to be my healing power, I could use it just by touching the victim or something like that. This could heal your wounds faster and also made anything that was cut loose, grew itself back, it was like self regeneration

Physical :
I have long red hair, it was as red as blood. My eyes were both dark color, they say those were in deep red color. My skin was creamy, and I looked cute and.. beautiful, at least that was what I knew about me. I wore a red hood made of silk, with golden ornament on it. For the top, I love to wear tribal clothing, or gypsy like style. There was jade pearls that adorn my neck, it was made by my father when I was little, those necklace were my birthday present. At that time, I was only a kid, 100 years old. I kept that jewelry till now and every time I touched to looked at it, I would remember my beloved father. As for my build, I look a lot like my mother. She was a beauty and i.. as her son, inherited her beauty. I have slim body, slight of muscles and I looked feminine for a guy. Owh…almost forgot… since I'm an efreet, I took form of a fire phoenix ^_^

Phsyco ;
I'm playful, sometimes submissive, sometimes wild, but mostly, I would be wild and… well.. arousing you could say or seductive, choose anything you want. I was raised in a good happy family. Mother and father were both hard worker and they always taught me to be one too. I cherish life and I like to be spoiled. I'm a clingy person and if I could, I would be all over you all day and night!!! I love my family.. I love my life.. but what I love the most.. was my own father… of course, those old people did not know about this. when my mom was around, i would act cold towards my dad, but when she wasn't, i would cling to him like a baby...

My mother and my father got married, I did not know if they love each other or not, what I knew was that when I was born, my father was the first one that I saw. I grew up, mostly under my father's care since mom was busy with her work. I did not know what she did for a living but I knew what my father did, he was both farmer and general in the ansatsu force. He was a fearsome general.. he was like.. the most respected guy in the force. So, I grew tall and big as both of my parents took good care of me, sometimes I would saw them cuddle but I felt annoyed, yeah, strangely I felt annoyed. I hated to see my mom all over my hot sexy dad. That big beast was all mine!!! ( that was what I want to say to her) sounds crazy but.. that was the truth. I kept my love in secret and continued to live with my parents. I wonder if my father ever realize this feeling?

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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: your lovely flame   Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:21 pm


War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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your lovely flame
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