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 Legendary General Kazunori

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Katsutoshi Kazunori
Dread Knight

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PostSubject: Legendary General Kazunori   Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:28 pm

Last name: Kazunori
First name: Katsutoshi
Nickname: General Kazunori

Race: Efreet

Age: 997 642 years old

Sex of your character: man

Sexual Orientation of your character: ...

Profession: Legendary General in the Ansatsu army

Kingdom: The inferno

1- Deciept
2- 9th level of Hell
3- Dragon Tamer
4- Kiss of Hope

Description of your powers:
1-Deciept: a dark power showing my skill as an illusionnist even if none of my family has the same. My illusions are so realistic that you feel the pain of them without actually having any wounds. It's all in your mind. I enjoy torturing people like this to gain information.

2- 9th level of Hell: They say the higher you fly, the colder it is. Well it's practically the same on the way down. The deeper in hell you go, the hotte├║r the fire burns. At the nineth level, it burns your flesh and bones into nothingness. The fire burns also brighter and a small flame can keep a whole house warm.

3- Dragon Tamer: It is thought that dragon's breath is the original flame. I can manipulate dragons to my liking, I control the original flame. The dragons simply cannot deny or object, they become my tools until I'm done with them.

4- Kiss of Hope: You'd best hope this kiss is good. Either this kiss will save your life, heal your wounds and make you all better and strong, or I will inject flames straight into your body, burning you from the inside out.

Physical: I have very long blood red hair and eyes as well. My built is strong and imposing. People see me and know to give me respect. I feel no shame showing off my chest. My clothes show my status and my vanity. I love when people gawk at me, impressed by my looks. I am a tall man.
My eyes are sharp and cruel when I look at my soldiers and worse when they are my enemies, however, one boy is the exception. My son. Rin. He is my pride and joy. He may be thin and weakly built, but he is my adorable son and I love him deeply.

Psycho: I let nobody approach me. I hate women even though I am married with one, she was simply convenient. I punish men who don't listen to orders and will torture men and women, not children. I still have some care for the next generation. I despise weaklings and will rid my army of them in a heartbeat. I am feared and I love it.
Though not from Rin of course. I am surprisingly soft and caring towards him. It seems that perhaps I don't simply love him as my son, I may have some very contradictional feelings towards him. I am very protective over him and possessive as well.

Story: I was forced to wed a woman by my father. She is the daughter of an important Lord for the ansatsu army. I cared nothing for her, however her body did relieve stress for me. These repetitive sexual intercourses, ended up giving me a beautiful son. She gave him her last name, I didn't mind, he looked more like me then her. I took it upon myself to raise him. He grew up being very close to me, visibly he hates his mother, it made me kind of happy. Rin became very important to me, I started seeing him as more then a son as he grew strong and independent. I hide it however.
When Rin started dancing, I couldn't help looking at him and finding myself aroused by it often. I doubt he has ever noticed me looking however.
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Lijuan Zhou
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PostSubject: Re: Legendary General Kazunori   Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:29 pm


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Legendary General Kazunori
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