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 Usagi Hijikata

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Usagi Hijikata
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PostSubject: Usagi Hijikata   Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:56 am

Last Name : Hijikata
First name : Usagi
Nickname : Will develop

Race: Vampire
Age: 75 620 years old

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: Homosexual /dom/

Profession: Dread Knight /Marshal/

Kingdom: Forbidden Kingdom


 - Shadows of the past
 - Mist of misfortune

- Close fight

Description of your powers:

- Shadows of the past: Everyone has experienced something that had hurt them, no matter in what form: words or actions. However they also say that with time everything is forgotten-that is where they are wrong. With one glint in the bloody red eyes of Usagi, he can make all those painful memories come back and repeat themselves until your nerve system breaks down. Of course there is a little adding of his: the memories are worser than before...

- Mist of misfortune: The name speaks for itself. Just as it's said the dark, thick mist that the vampire creates only leads to misfortune. Opposite on many's believes instead of having a deadly purpose the mist is used as a cover. Unlike normal powers this mist can't be nulified unless the caster of it doesn't do it, as it has an essence of his blood in it.

- Close fight: Concists in sword and martial art fighting. This is how Usagi usualy deals with bothersome pests, handling one handed swords along with fast and powerful martial attacks.

Physical: The first thing you notice about the cold, dark hearted creature before you is his 5' 8.9" height and nicely built body structure. His clothes fit to him like a glove, atleast the upper part of the suit, even thou they are made of one of the strongest metal and leather that exists. Perfectly sculptured muscles flow all over him up from his chest and arms down pass his abdomen and legs, on the background of dusty stone-like skin. Facing him directly in the eyes is probably one of the toughest things for you as the bloody red eyes send a cold shiver down your backspine, making you feel like a bug meant to be squashed. His short coal hair frames the vampire's marble features, excellently presenting the three piercings on his right pointy ear. Suddenly the stoic figure makes a step forward, but to your own surprise or not you don't make one back. Now only a hand away from the demonic man you aren't sure what to expect until you see a vicious smirk forming on the pair of drawed lips and a sharp like needle fang poking from beneath the pale upper lip. 'Dinner time...'

Psycho: His personality doesn't go far from his appearance. Don't judge the book by it's covers, was it? Well with Usagi Hijikata the saying doesn't go. He justifies his rank, job and looks perfectly. Evil on the outside, one on the inside as well. Manipulative, brutal, cruel, twisted, perverted all those are his nice qualities. The word conscience doesn't exists. He could care less if you saved his life, if he thinks you as annoying he will get rid of you on the second without giving it much of a thought. Some say that they aren't that twisted to kill someone after they slept with him/her, here such thinking doesn't apply. First of all his view of sex is plainly physical need, pleasure and after he has received it the other party is as useful as trash. Even so he often tends to keep someone as a pet, just for entertainment but in the end they all end up dead in one way or another. The raven has a sharp mind and it's unheard to be fooled, he knows what you will do before you.  However with everything said till now he has his weak sides as well. Untrusty makes him weak when it comes to allies, because of that he prefers solitude whenever he isn't on the battlefield or training grounds, making him an easy target.

Story: Too long has he lived, too long to know that the world needs to be fixed. Childhood trauma? No. Abused, abandoned, himuliated, ill? Neither. A pure blood vampire, dark by nature for who torturing is for relaxation. There is darkness in every heart, pain in comes along with it those are his believes. Those who believe that light creatures represent love, beauty and peace are strongly wrong. Some may say that all his actions are owned to the fact that he is jealous in which the angels live. Entirely wrong. Trough these years Usagi has killed, tortured, raped in ways that the world wouldn't dare to ask about. From mere mortals to high ranked angels, he had shown their true beauty -pain, tears and screams. To put it simply. The story of Usagi Hijikata is embraced by the beauty of all: darkness...
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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: Usagi Hijikata   Mon Mar 17, 2014 6:10 am


War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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Usagi Hijikata
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