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 flaming fox???

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PostSubject: flaming fox???   Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:15 pm

Last Name :
First name : Izanagi
Nickname :

Race: Hybrid ( White Fox & Effreet )
Age: 18 877

Sex of your character: male

Sexual orientation of your character: unknown

Profession: it's a mystery

Kingdom: Forbidden kingdom

Powers: [Max: 4 powers from available abilities]

Darkness (hell fire)

Description of your powers: (minimum 2 FULL LINES for each power)
Purification: I can heal myself and heal other as well. I can remove any abnormal conditions such as curses in a place ( this will restore the beauty of that place) or a person (this similar to cleansing their soul). this power also includes all 'light' magic skill such as massive purification or healing which is very powerful one.

Darkness - Hell fire : since i am a hybrid of white fox and efreet, i can control fire all i want. i can summon hell fire to burn a town or realm, the flame is also my weapon and that makes me 'fire proof'. this is an advantage so that when i got his by anything hot or has heat, it will cause no wounds on me.

Physical: ( 4 sentences minimum)

i let my long silver hair loose all the time and barely bother to tie it up. i wear a white robe with small feathers around v neck area. My eyes are deep blood red with gentle gaze and warm. it is almost enticing and bewitching eyes that i have. on to of my head i wear a hair ornament made of pure silver, the shape is like small claws and it suits my silver hair perfectly. as for my face, it is feminine, gentle and delicate one. my lips are glossy pink and there are a light marking on my forehead which i got ever since i was born. That is all for my usual form (non- effreet) As for my efreet form, i turn into a fiery phoenix with a huge fiery wings. of course i can also turn into flames without taking this form. the phoenix fire form is only for battle. in my daily life i can turn into a flame in my normal form as well. secondly, my fox form, yes i was hybrid between a white nine tailed fox and efreet, so, in fox form, i got red eyes, nine huge tails, and completely white fur from head to toe, i'm a cute "paw"

Psycho: (4 sentences minimum

)some says im kind, some says i'm not, others says, i'm a perverted heartless man. others the saints, said that i'm wicked and needed to be banished form this realm, i laughed at them. the truth about me? i could be heartless, i could be merciless, i could be kind and gentle as well. most of the time, i acted slightly wicked, tricky, filled with cunning plans, just like a real deal wicked fox. my loyalty was earned, not given. i may serve under you, or pamper you like a king, but when i find something unpleasant about how you treated me, you'll end in ashes. i could be loyal to someone, but that was very rare one, only if that person treated me like a diamond, i shall be loyal to him. but.. if you think i would took a blade for you... better think again ^_^


i begin my life as a simple magician. at first i was interested in magic and mystical things. then, i start to learn more about it. i learn how to control my powers and learn lots of spells and magic arts. i have to say that seeing those magic symbols have its own fun. i enjoy it when i see my magic can be used for good things such as making beautiful things. it is when i reach my adult age that i start to learn more powerful magics. i learn how to remove any negative aura and effects on a place or a person. which makes me able to restore the original condition of that place / person to its normal one. later on, after i discover this power, i begin to seek for more. of course i need to learn lots of things since i need more knowledge in order to be able to protect myself and be a great fighter ( at least with my magic skill). however, as i became a great magician and have a powerful magic skill, some high priests from the holy land captured and imprisoned me. they used me for their pleasure, and they sealed my powers as well with ancient spell. there, i started my life as a 'whore' for those old perverted priest. bunch of rotten old man who seek pleasure over young body.

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PostSubject: Re: flaming fox???   Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:16 pm


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flaming fox???
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