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 Shinjiro the...silver tongue thief?

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PostSubject: Shinjiro the...silver tongue thief?   Sat Mar 22, 2014 7:48 am

Last name: Takegara
First name: Shinjiro
Nickname: Beast Tamer

Race: Beastling

Age: 35 621 years old

Sex of your Character: man

Sexual Orientation of your Character: only one is for me

Profession: Beast Tamer

Kingdom: Does it matter where I'm from?

1- Flame of Salvation
2- Eyes of Etro

Description of your Powers:
1- Flames of Salvation are not red or orange flames, they are blue and white flames. They do not burn your body, they burn your soul. I am often ordered to use them to torture people. I don't really have a choice, and I often regret this part of me.

2- Eyes Of Etro is a fortune telling gift. Though I cannot control it. Etro is the Goddess of the Futur, when I step in area with heavy energy, I get a vision. They aren't always clear, but that's part of being a messanger of Etro.

Physical: I have very long black hair and black eyes. Even if my features look hard, I still show softness. I am not that tall, but I'm tall enough to be noticed. I dress in intricate clothes that I make myself or steal from the rich.
Underneath my clothes is a thin body that is still made strong. I can't allow myself to be bulky since I have to slip in small windows, but I still need strenght in order to climb up in the higher windows. I am also small in order to be fast enough to jump high when my wolf form is not needed.
That form is made large and black with silver lining around my ear and tail.

Psycho: I love beast. I love to have them sit around me while I tell them stories that come to life thanks to my silver tongue. I love seeing them laugh and have them smile. What I hate are the rich bastards that walk around not even sparing a cent for those kids to have a piece of bread to eat that night. And they dare whine about not having some item they don't need? It's with hatred towards them and loved towards the kids that I steal from them every night, always taking their most precious item. A clear message that I will take away their happiness if they don't become a little more generous.

Story: I am the Beast Tamer. People cone to me from everywhere to get my services. However, my life did not start so...dark.
I grew up with a bunch of priests that were watching a child in a tower. I always wanted to go play with that boy. So one night, I snuck in the tower room and we played for hours. I came back every night after that. For years. Until they found out and exiled me.
I grew up and became much stronger then my child self. Though I never forgot that boy in the tower, I always wanted to go see him. I made a living taming animals, demonic or divine. I own a ranch. People don't know my name, they call me the Beast Tamer. People done want to know my name, it makes me too normal while they see beasts of all kinds love me and respect me. Some call me the Beast, legends and rumors spread about me being partly a beast, well they are correct in some ways. I am a wolf after all.
One day, the priests came to me and claimed to have a beast they needed tamed. They didn't recognize me, but their scent was engraved in my mind from my youth.

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PostSubject: Re: Shinjiro the...silver tongue thief?   Sat Mar 22, 2014 8:18 pm


War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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Shinjiro the...silver tongue thief?
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