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 This Angel needs new wings

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Journey Men

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PostSubject: This Angel needs new wings   Sun May 11, 2014 12:10 am

Last Name : Mojuna
First name : Kega
Nickname : The Broken Angel

Race: Hybrid

Age: 100 years old

Sex of your character: man

Sexual orientation of your character: ...

Profession: whore/spy

Kingdom: Choose between: Forbidden kingdom

1- Winter Wonderland
2- Spring's Hope
3- Summer's Scorch
4- Fall's Despair

Description of your powers:
1- Winter Wonderland: I can create a blizzard that will dull your senses and slow you down. This powers does not use up much energy. It is a defense and offense tactic. I use it often enough to keep people away from my home.
2- Spring's Hope: It is both a healing and harming ability. Using water, I can either heal your wounds or other infections or cause intense pain and cut you all over.
3- Summer's Scorch: As the name implies, I can manipulate fire. However I can also manipulate the heat that usually comes with the flames. I can make it comfortable around me or blistering hot. So hot that a person may spontaneously combust.
4- Fall's Despair: It covers my earth wielding abilities. I nicknamed it Fall's Despair before I usually create pit falls to imprison my enemy. I can also dig up valuable metals so I never have money issues.

Physical: I am a tall man, I am made long and agile. However, my strength is formidable for someone of my size and age. Although I am very young, I have worked on my magic to the point that they are to their limits.
I have very long black hair that used to contrast well with my once white wings. However, only the scars remain of those beautiful feathers. I now use black wings that I have torn off a giant eagle. They make my blue eyes pop fiercely.
My clothes never vary, they are always seductive enough yet still apt for combat. When I am not in combat, my facial expressions are very soft.

Psycho: Hurt me. Bully me. Use me. I don't care. I don't care about pain. Pain is nothing but a feeling that allows me to know I still live. I am used to pain. However, if someone is gentle with me, then my whole composure changes and I am willing to do anything for that person. The same goes with whoever harms me, though I will hunt you down and get my revenge. Be it physical or psychological. When I am in a good mood, I like to paint and play music. I don't speak much but I am an awesome listener. Moreover, I will ways do my best to satisfy any needs.

Story: I was an undesired child. My Father was a divine of high rank in the Byakuren army. My Mother was a low ranking whore on the Ansatsu side. I was born in what I believed to be a loving family. However, that feeling left quickly. Father imprisoned my Mother for being Ansatsu and then deemed me unfit to have pure white wings. I was but a child when he grabbed them both and pulled them out of my back. He left me for dead in a swamps. I was found by a man that claimed to be my Mother's brother. He grabbed me and took me under his wing. I vowed complete loyalty to this man. However, I ended up being used by my uncle. As a tool and as a concubine.
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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: This Angel needs new wings   Sun May 11, 2014 12:15 am


War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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This Angel needs new wings
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