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 Arveldir, Vervain

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Vervain Arveldir
Shadow Warrior

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PostSubject: Arveldir, Vervain   Mon May 19, 2014 6:36 am

Last Name : Arveldir
First name : Vervain
Nickname/Alias : Aeris

Race: Vervain is a Forest Guardian and Dark Elf Hybrid.

Age: 2,983

Sex of your character: Female

Sexual orientation of your character: Pansexual

Profession: Spy, Beast Tamer

Kingdom: The Forbidden Kingdom is her official residence, but she travels often.

Powers: Vervain has the ability to heal, effect the plants and trees around her, and she can commune with beasts.

Description of your powers:
Healing: Should any person or being be in need, Vervain has the ability to call upon her magic to assist them. This magic does have drawbacks, however, as it affects her personality. The light magic somehow affects the balance of light and dark in her, causing her to lose, temporarily, the side of her that she most often relies on.

Earth: From the Forest Guardian that runs through her veins Vervain inherited the ability to affect the earth, or more specifically the fauna that grows upon it. She can speed up the growth of a plant or tree, and even manipulate it (to an extent) to her whim. Depending on how large the object she is manipulating is, this can occasionally be a difficult task.

Beast Communion: Vervain, since she was a child, has always had the ability to communicate with the beasts of the world. They serve as useful allies, and from her Dark Elf side she somehow gained the ability to be able to persuade and call them into combat with her. Her light side disdains this part of her power, but on the contrast it is to handy to ignore. Despite a bit of self-loathing, she has no problem with this power and is her only one that draws no repercussions.

Physical: Vervain has an uneasy physical appearance, her mental state somehow affecting her everyday appearance. Often times her hair is a white as pure ivory, her eyes a beautiful silver color. Her hair and her eyes, however, are the most subject to change. It is a slow process, but as her mood shifts towards another personality, her appearance does the same. This is quite useful, as she is a spy, and it helps keep her identity slightly more secretive. Naturally, however, it cannot always be controlled. She is relatively tall, 5'9", with a lean, slender body. Whenever she is shifted towards her good side, her hair turns a dark, brownish red, and her eyes become a striking gray color that seems to nearly glow. She has a pair of wings, once pearly and radiant, but they have become gray and have lost some of the beautiful shine they had. Despite this, however, they are still beautiful in their own way, with a swirling and curling, script like shape.

Psycho: Vervain's personality is somewhere between stable and not so much. For some reason unbeknownst to her or any other person that she knows of, she has two conflicting sides. While both sides are calm and cool, one is much more gentle, leaning towards the light side of thing. Her other side is, while still calm, much more chaotic. She has a time of it learning about all the skeletons that can be shoved in a closet, and she is much more alluring and deceptive. Growing up, she has come to be able to control her moods much more easily, though it still requires a tight restraint of herself.

Story: From the day she was born, Vervain was a walking contradiction. Her mother was the kindest, most gentle person she knew. Her mother was caring and kind, and taught Vervain every kind thing she knew. Her father, on the other hand, was cold-blooded. He was ruthless, with a knack for harming others and caring for none but the child's mother. The child was nothing more than there, something to keep his beautiful wife content whenever he was forced to leave for business. Between the two, Vervain picked up traits from both, which often confused the young girl. She would wander about in something akin to a daze, with a chaotic swirling of emotions inside of her. She could not decide if she was happy or angry, if she felt violent or gentle, and it was the most confusing time in her life. After a time, to ease the burden, she somehow sorted the emotions into two sides. It was similar to being bipolar, but it was more extreme than becoming angry. It was a need to do some damage, most often of the mental kind. Her other side, however, was basically the exact opposite. Hurting anyone or anything made her sick when she was younger, before she had learned to control herself.
Whenever she was old enough, her father took her with him on one of his business trips. On that trip, something went awry, and as a result she was sold off as a bargaining chip to a well-known Ansatu Dread Knight. Often he was gone, but whenever he was around he always managed to harm Vervain in nearly every way he could. It was not always violent, sometimes it would be a gentle reminder of how quickly her father was rid of her. Other times, he was oddly soft, and would tell her secrets and force himself upon her in a subtle way. It was these secrets, which she sold, that earned her much money and caused him to fall to a horrible fate of entrapment.
To this day she remembers how his desperation was his downfall, and she has made herself a living off of it. Whenever she is not whoring herself off to earn money or assist the Ansatu forces, she can often be found at the Mystical Island befriending animals, alongside her partner. Her partner, is nothing more than a small dragon. She found it from an egg and hatched it, and the two have formed an inseparable bond. She had it enchanted, so only upon order will it ever become large enough to be a hindrance, making it a useful asset and also serving as her only true friend.
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Seiran Akechi
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Arveldir, Vervain
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