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 What is the story in Divine Salvation?

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PostSubject: What is the story in Divine Salvation?   Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:18 pm

The story of Divine Salvation begins when an unknown Entity that has two side, Good and Evil , try to separate itself from one another. And so, the entity manage to separate its good side and its evil side. The good side of this Entity gave birth to two kingdoms which are kingdom of Heaven and Mystical Island. As for the Evil side, it gave birth Forbidden kingdom and The Inferno. At first, those four kingdoms live in peace, until They try to eliminate each other for their difference in belief and way of life. The one born from the good side of the entity live in beautiful place filled with light and happiness, While the one born out of the evil side live in secrecy, shadows, and darkness. This makes the people in the Dark realm felt jealousy and starts to stir up war between the four kingdoms.

This chaos also bring up two forces in the realm. The races form three clans, The biggest two are Byakuren and Ansatsu. The smaller one is Eiryu. The three forces allows any race to join. However, three of them have different goal to each other. Byakuren 's force are the bringer of peace and light. They fight to banish darkness, evil, and devils. Their goal is to create w world without darkness. In the other hand, Ansatsu's force are the one filled with darkness and evil. They spread terror and fear throughout the realm and their goal is to defeat the force of byakuren. As for Eiryu, they are the secret force that act in groups and secrecy. they live in shadow and most of them look just like normal people, but inside they are deadly weapon that seeking a way for the two giant forces to coexist. However, there are also people that have no interest in fight or war, they merely fight for their own needs and gain and they are called as "Kakure"

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What is the story in Divine Salvation?
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