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PostSubject: IMPORTANT UPDATE MUST READ!!!!   Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:59 pm

To all members here, we the administrators are giving you new updates especially for old members , the update are as follows:

1. New races are added such as :

- Efreet : This is similar with genie but Efreet is more like combatants and stronger ( we don't have genie here).

- Dark Elf : This is the dark side of forest guardian. They tend to appear at night and most of them live in shadows and hidden.

- Heretic Divine: This is the dark side of Divine. this one includes devils and other demonic race.

2. New realm is added which is "Four Elements realm". This is not a kingdom , This place is more like neutral place that everyone can live or born here. In this place, both good and evil stands as equal.

3. New ranks are added such as :
- Shadow Warrior : Slightly higher than Land lord. the abilities are also much stronger.
- Death Dealer : Even higher than shadow warrior. People with ranks Death Dealer has the ability to improve or expand their powers.They are also rich people and they may have small pack working for them.

4. The story is updated please read in the Story section

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