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 Tokugawa, raijin

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PostSubject: Tokugawa, raijin   Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:58 pm

Last Name : Tokugawa
First name : Raijin
Nickname : none

Race: Effreet

Age: 67 899

Sex of your character: i am a manly man!

Sexual orientation of your character: I'm still confuse

Profession: Reaper

Kingdom: The inferno

Powers: [Max: 4 powers from available abilities]
- Giga flare
- Eye of hell- darkness
- Telekinesis

Description of your powers:

Giga Flare : manipulating fire out of any source is one of my skills , and I have it since the day I was born. As an effreet which is a creature of flame, fire is my source of life and energy. Manipulating my fire to heal myself and others is also my gift. Flame is not only to harm, it can heal others as well, if I wish for it.

Eye of hell: this is part of my darkness powers. It can absorb damage given by my enemy and turned it into energy instead. With this, I can absorb your power and ability as well and use it against you. This part of absorbing powers is similar to copy cat things.

Telekinesis: controlling anything around me is one of my ability. I can control their movements and attacks it’s like a very strong magnetic power that controls the movements of the things around me. this works for both living and non living things.


I Have silver hair that I keep long in the back and short in the front, so it will look like a long silver tail from the back of my head till my waist. I let it loose mostly and only tie up the long one to keep it tidy. I was told that my grey eyes are cold and have piercing gaze like an eye of a blade. I had no idea of such things so I just ignore it. I always wear an ear ring which has a blue stone attached to it in the bottom part of it. That is just an accessory that I like to wear. As for clothing, I wear armor most of the time. It is in pure silver. However, if I feel like it, I would wear things like formal yukata. I always bring a sword which was made of flame (my own flame) and I only use this one when I am in battle, if not, then I can always cast it away and hide it within me, then summon it back when I need it. Last but not least, my efreet form, it’s like none other, I have a fiery dragon form when I turn into flame, a huge, fiery dragon.


Not a kind of man who will go gentle for the one he cared for. You can say that I am slightly twisted and rude, just a little though, not that much. Mostly, I spend my days killing and burning my enemies or things that I don’t really like it can be said that I don’t have any friends or families. I am not an easy person after all and I like to do solo when I attack or do my mission. Other things that you might want to know about me is that I enjoy torturing someone, anyone, and hear them screaming, the thing is that, if I like you, then there is a possibility that I will torture you, if I don’t then I’ll just simply cut off your head.


I was born from a pure flame from the depth of inferno, the deepest hell. Of course I don’t have parent and all, and like I give a damn care about such worthless things. I grew up by consuming the flame in hell and live with its heat and burning power. My journey begins when I leave my fiery home and start to see the whole world that I live in. I don’t know yet what I am seeking out there but maybe, something that I never have in my life, well, I’m not sure either, it’s really hard for a man like me to blend in society and make a friend amongst those idiots. So, that is the reason why I am always a solo killer, and a loner, I’m used to it and enjoyed it the most.
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PostSubject: Re: Tokugawa, raijin   Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:42 am

It's all nice! ^^ Welcome!!
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Tokugawa, raijin
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