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  Explanation For Forces

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PostSubject: Explanation For Forces   Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:59 pm


Force of Byakuren is force of the firstly founded by an unknown general of the angels who wish to create a force that will fight for peace and virtue.They protect the weak and fight in just. This force is one among the two biggest that has most influence in the realm. People who join this force are the good who never desire for destruction. In fact, they fight all out to prevent destruction or corruption of the realm.


Ansatsu is the force of darkness. they are formed based on bunch of villain who gather their forces and reunite under one name. Ansatsu is a fearless , evil, reckless, and brutal force. They always make a way to stir up war and chaos. cunning in their tactic and they like darkness more than light. their biggest enemy is the force of byakuren who defend justice and light.


Eiryu is not a strong force like byakuren and Ansatsu. They are in the middle of those tow. they desire neither justice nor destruction. All they care about is how to live side by side. they have been trying to make the two gigantic forces to get along and find their way to coexist and support one another.It can be said that Eiryu is the neutral force in this realm.


The last force is kakure. This is not actually a force. kakure is what people here say to a person who does not belong to any force of the above. kakure has no goal and no rule to obey, they fight merely for their own gain and family. they don't like it when involved in a group fight or a nation war. All they care is to survive and protect their loved ones.

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Explanation For Forces
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