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 Explanation about races

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PostSubject: Explanation about races   Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:26 pm

Vampire : As known for a very long time, Vampires are creatures of the night, although some of them who has extra powers and ability may endure the heat of sunlight for some time, not too long. This race is good at killing , hiding in shadows, they are fast as flash and they also depend on blood for a living.Sometimes vampire could took a bat form when they feel like keep themselves hidden.Vampires could get turned on and wild when they are drinking blood or hungry.

Beast-ling : In this realm, Beast-ling race has an expert ability in logistics since they often travel from one to another realm using their beast instinct. They have a powerful sense of hearing and sight seeing. Most of them are carnivores though there are also beast-ling that able to live in herbivores food. Their knowledge is still very little and they tend to be more primitive than the other races. ( for example: they would eat without wooden plates or spoon , they can just rip the flesh out of their prey)

Divine : This race is like angels in this realm.They are the most civilized among others and they have white wings that makes them able to fly.Most of them live in mansions or villages. They are wise and have a very wide knowledge in magic skill and combat. it is also known that this race prefer hide themselves in their own peaceful realm rather than getting involved in a fight. usually, they use diplomatic way to make peace with their enemies, though it is not rare for them to get engaged in battle.

Heretic Divine:
This is also an angel in this realm. the difference is that this race tend to be more reckless and cruel. Heretic divine is a good combatants both in melee and ranged combat. Some of them can use magic but only few of them have abilities to cast recovery magic and the result is not as good as the one cast by a Divine.

Lycans : Lycans are kind of werewolf but in a stronger state and bigger figure. They can control their transformation from humanoid form into werewolf form. They are slower than Vampire but they are stronger in their physical. They also live on blood , but unlike vampires, Lycans don't have to hide from sunlight, but they do have weakness in pure metals like gold and silver.

Forest Guardian : This race live in forest most of their time and they have wings as well but not as big as Divine or Heretic divine's. they still able to fly but not for a long time . their wings can't fly to places that are too far away. They also have magic skill but most of their skills are bind to nature.

Dark Elf:
They are Elves that live in shadows, Some said that they are evil and blood thirsty murderer but some also said that they are just little bit hard to approach. Dark elf has an exceptional skill in range combat and dark magic like heretic divine has but their magic is not as strong.In medical or herbs treatment, Dark Elf is known to fight poison with poison, they create an antidote based on a poisonous venom.

Efreet : Efreet has exceptional ability in manipulating fire since it is its original form.They have humanoid form and also fiery form when they turn into an efreet. This being is weak against water so they are most likely to be found in fiery area or realm like inferno.

Hybrid :A hybrid can have two abilities or mixture from two races. mostly its because of different race mate and reproduce a combination of them. The ability and personality of a Hybrid is depend on what he/she is born of.

For example : if he/she is born between an efreet and Divine, then it has half of efreet abilities and half divine abilities but not in full state. This being also get the ability to transform from efreet into angel. ( a hybrid can only transform in two different race)
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Explanation about races
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