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 Masashi Kazuaki

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Masashi Kazuaki
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PostSubject: Masashi Kazuaki   Thu Aug 16, 2012 7:32 pm

Last Name : Kazuaki
First name : Masashi
Nickname : Kazu

Race: Lycan 

Age: 1746

Sex of your character: man 

Sexual orientation of your character: bisexual 

Profession:  jeweler blacksmith, occasional bar tender   

Kingdom: Mythical island

- earth= metal manipulation 
- Light= healing
- fire 

Description of your powers: 
This power help him alto in his craftsmanship. He can give any kind of form he wants to metal or to stones. This still asks for a lot of concentration to make his art look perfect. But since he can give any form to minerals, he can also use this to protect himself or even make very good looking swords. He can hear the metal sing, this is how he knows the metal is at perfect heat to start molding it and make his art the most perfectly solid and good looking pieces of art. 

Also useful in his main work. When he gets hurt he can heal himself from his cuts instantly. It would be like if his body would have a barrier so he is never in really big pain. Big injuries take a little longer to heal. He can only heal himself. So his healing power is more like very fast self regeneration.

He can control the heat and size of a flame or fire. His fire power also make him less sensitive to the heat and his skin doesn't gets burned. So he can put his hands streight into the oven and grab the hot burning metal and mold it as he wishes. He can also use this in a fight and burn his enemies. 

Physical: Masashi is really tall and have very built up muscles. He apearence is very admirable and makes him very attractive. He has long red hair that touches him shoulders, pulled back a little over his head. He has deep and mysterious midnight blue eyes. He always wears black paints and a white blouse covers by a sleeveless vest. He always keeps the top buttons of his blouse open and wears a loosened up red tie. He never ties these up the proper way, making him more attractive. In his Lycan form, he has a beautiful golden colored fur coat.  

Psycho: He is always devoted to his art work, almost obsessed by it. He always makes sure that everything he does is done well and to his satisfaction. He hates disappointing clients, so he wants to make sure everything is perfect. He hates leaving his work place and can stay up for many nights just to get his work done.  But outside of his work, he likes to be the charming smiling kind of guy. He is et very silent and calm. He doesn't really speaks  much.   He is a very kind guy and people are all attracted not only by his good looks but also to his mysteriousness and kindness.  He is also always ready to help people. That is why he oftens  helps one of his close friends and works as a bartender at his inn. 

Story: When he was younger, still a kid, he didn't have that much of an easy life. His parents didn't like him or wanted him, so he was left abandon. He would steal an do nasty tricks on people with the other street boys around the city. He would do lots of flips and climb off walls so his body would develop pretty strongly. One day, his friends dared him to steel one of the swords of the black smith. Being a silly kid, he sneaked in but right when he was going to run off, he was caught. Seeing his freaked out face, the black smith couldn't hit him. He simply smiled and brought him back inside. He lectured him and then decided to make him work for him to repay his mistake. He would only do some cleaning work at first. The black smith, let him stay at the shop and took care of him as his own son. He would often stare at his new father work with a lot of interest.  As he grew bigger and stronger, he started helping the black smith with his sword making. This was really exciting for him. Quickly he found out that this was almost his calling. Though seeing the noble people come in to order swords, Masashi saw the big necklaces. He decided to try to make those while his father would sleep. This was his natural talent, he had all the gifts needed to be good at this. This made him really happy. Even his father could see how talented he was. At some point though, his father decided to take his retirement and left the shop to his adopted son. He knew that he was good enough to take this place. The master black smith left everything in Masashi's hands and left off to travel. Since then, Masashi has been very successful with his jewelry making and has been really happy. He was extremely thankful to this man that took him in and took care of him! 
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PostSubject: Re: Masashi Kazuaki   Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:58 pm

WELCOME! have fun ^_^

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Masashi Kazuaki
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