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 Work for a friend [PRP: Yuu Tachimura]

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Masashi Kazuaki
Journey Men

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PostSubject: Work for a friend [PRP: Yuu Tachimura]   Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:39 pm

My childhood friend came over and told me that he needed my help again at his inn. He wanted me to take his place behind the bar. He wanted to go off again to go look for something. I didn't really understand what it was but I could never refuse to help him. I liked working there once in a while. Besides, I didn't receive any orders for a sword or piece of jewelry for a week. I knew most of my usual clients an knew that there shouldn't be anyone coming for a few more weeks. If anyone wanted me to make them something. They only needed to send me a letter and I would head back to my shop and get working. 

The inn he worked at was in a neighboring village. It was a few hours away from my place. After a big nights work, I wouldn't feel like going back home. So I would be taking my friends room at the inn as I usually did when he would ask me to replace him. 

I left my place and took the long walk to the inn. As I got there I opened the door and walked in. I walked between the tables and went behind the counter. I saw a few of the usual clients and said hi to them.

- Hey there Masashi! So your the one working today? You always make the best drinks!

One of the clients I was used to always talk to was there. He always talked so much. I simply nodded and started preparing their drinks. I knew what each one of them liked and wanted. I started pouring the drinks and handed them over. Then I grabbed a clean cloth and started cleaning and wiping the dirty bucks that where left there.

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Yuu Tachimaru
Journey Men

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PostSubject: Re: Work for a friend [PRP: Yuu Tachimura]   Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:31 am

I was sitting at my client's table and smiling at everything he told me. I wasn't drinking but I was serving him some strong smeling liquor. I would only endure his foul smeling breath for the money he gave me at the end of his time. Once more, he was talking of how powerful he was when he was in the army and all. I pretended to care and to be really interested. I simply waited for his time to end then I appologied and went got my next client. He was a younger man that U would have probable agreed to sleep with in my previous job. He was sitting at his usual table and visibly waiting for me. When I sat, he smiled at me and pushed a package in my direction. I smiled back and opened the present. It was a simple silver chain necklace with a simple yet perfrctly round onyx stone hanging from it. He took it from me and tied it around my neck.

"Thank you. It's beautiful.

The man shook his head and sar back at his seat while I served him something to drink.

-Nothing is as beautiful as you are Tachimaru-San.

This was one of the advantages of being a host. Peopke cover you in gifts and compliments but I was getting bored by all the words told to me. After a while, the compliments simply sounded like they were forced. So I smiled and kept my heart secret. Though while I was chatting with my client, a person caught my eye. He was going behind the bar. I excused myself and walked directly to the back of the bar.

"Excuse me, this area is strickly forbiden for clients. The boss isn't here tonight."
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Work for a friend [PRP: Yuu Tachimura]
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