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 Asagi...... intro

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Sakura Asagi
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PostSubject: Asagi...... intro   Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:49 pm

Last Name : Asagi
First name : Sakura
Nickname : The Deadly flower

Race: Heretic Divine

Age: 2600

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: anything taste good

Profession: Ninja Assassin

Kingdom: The inferno

Powers: [Max: 4 powers from available abilities]

Darkness : shadow control, drain
Fire : controls and absorbs fire
Earth : manipulates earth

Description of your powers: (minimum 2 sentences for each power)

Darkness: A power that comes from the depth of my darkest soul and hatred. I can cast illusion, blend with shadows, and sometimes even manipulate someone's mind and body. also, when i touch someone or having any kinds of physical contact with them, i can drain their energy and life force when I'm doing this, it can heal my wounds since i receive more powers and energy. i can heal others with my blood if they need it but only few of them since I'll be feeding them with my blood in order to heal them.

Fire : controlling and manipulates fire, that is what I'm expert at. i can make fire out of nothing and also gets a full, total control over it. this is very useful when my enemies are efreets since i can drain their flame out and turn it into energy which makes me stronger. this also makes me immune to fire, since i am its master.

Earth : call forth for an earthquake or quick sand is the best thing and my most favorite. I like to watch people drowning in my quicksand and screaming for help. right now, i am learning to expand more of my ability so that i could use it for greater cause.

Physical: ( 4 sentence minimum)

With Long golden hair, violet iris , black cornea, pale skin and slim skinny figure. That makes me look exactly like a woman. I like wearing kimono and yukata. i also wear a hanfu if i wanted to. i always dressed like a woman due to my job as a dancer at a tavern in my homeland. I have a very smooth skin, a flawless white skin which is very useful to seduce my enemy, before turn them into ashes. I also got four black wings which controlled by mind. I can make them perfectly hidden if i want to and make them appear again when I'm about to fly.

Psycho: (4 sentence minimum)

As a dancer, I am blessed with a polite attitude and gentle manner. this is to please the clients and guests. I don't have many friends and it might be because I only use them to satisfy all my needs. I am a very patience person and i like to torture my victim slowly before send him or her to hell, that is the part i enjoy the most. However, If i got pissed, I often use my ability to manipulate my enemy no matter what the situation is. Though i'd rather not using such power since it'll drain my energy. One more about me and my brain is that, i am unpredictable person. Just when you think i'm a traitor, i might ended up loyal.And when you have little faith in me, i might ended up saving your life.

Story: ( at least please make it 6 sentences)

I have no idea when or how i was brought here in the first place. everything was blurry in my brain and i do not care for that. I live in the kingdom of inferno where fire burns eternally and with no ends. few people will choose such place to live in, bu i enjoy it here. the place is filled with passion and desire, though some of them are violent and painful. raised by a demon in that kingdom. i know very well how to battle angels and other beings of the light, tho i don't encounter with them often. My everyday life is spend with working in the tavern as an entertainer, while at night, i lurk in shadows and seek for a victim that succumb to my beauty . It is not hard to find victim in my homeland since lots of foolish pervert coming and licking my feet begging to be touched. It is ironic to watch them lust over me and get drowned in their own blood.

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Reiji Takahashi
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PostSubject: Re: Asagi...... intro   Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:58 pm

Welcome!! ^^ and have fun!!
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Asagi...... intro
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