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 Kylon The Bringerof the Red Dawn

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Kylon Talgand
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PostSubject: Kylon The Bringerof the Red Dawn   Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:49 pm

Last Name : Talgand
First name : Kylon
Nickname : The Beast

Race: Heretic Divine

Age: 271 109 years of age

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: Not carring

Profession: Bringer of the red dawn (assassin)

Kingdom: Forbidden kingdom

2-Manipulation (darkness)
4-Acid generation

Description of your powers:
1-Despite the fact that he has wings and that people mistake him for a simple Divine, he gains their trust only to burn them to ashes with a single glare. Flames don't burn him as they dance their way to his victims. He may control the intensity of the heat, the burn and the fire itself, but people all rarely make it out alive.
2-He does not waist his time manipulating others to do his job, he likes blood too much, but it does happen that he uses a couple to kill eachother just to see the burning fear in their eyes as the one they love stabs you repeatedly until Kylon had enough and kills the other one. He also manipulates the part of your brain that causes extreme pain. He perfected his torturing art on many victims until he can easily activate this gift from a distance.
3-Even though he could use this to fly for a longuer distance, he doesn't waist this power on him. He use ultra concentrated gusts of wind to tear his victims appart, giving them no time for protection and no hope to survive. He then uses this same gift to wash away the mess this technique leaves behind. though it takes time for blood to be washed away with wind so there is always some traces left.
4-During a battle, even if somebody manages to hurt him and make him bleed, their death is already decided as they watch their blades melt under his acidic blood. He creates this acid within himself and is immune to it. He releases it in his veins during a battle and loves to hear his victims cry in pain as their hands start to melt away. This acid chews through metal, flesh, bones, wood, everything that has not been treated to resist it.

Physical: He seems to be born wearing an armor, for he never takes his off. An armor made of the finest metal, treated to resist his acid, in a light to dark silver tones. His raven colored hair has never been cut since his awakening and is tied low behind his neck with the same type of metal as his armor, so it doesn't get in his way during a battle. his emotioness eyes as black as his hair are always studying people's weaknesses. His skin is thick and pale, his wings, even though they are almot always hidden, are just as black as his hair. His armor has open places where people attack and cause their death by melting under his acid blood, it was made with this tacktic in mind. His spear was also created to witstand the acid. it is a two sided spear which he uses with great pleasure to embroach his enemies or victims. It is in a dark silver color and in a special blend of metals.

Psycho: Not knowing when his lust for blood started, he thinks he has always killed for pleasure. The only time he remembers himself leughing, his hands were covered in the blood of innocents. If he is alone, then he is no different, he keeps serious and trains until he is satified with his powers or techniques with his spear. He does not relax the way other people do, he relaxes with the screams of agonny of victims on which he is praticing his torture skills. Nobody that had him by their side ever saw him happier then when he received the order to kill someone, He is a cold blooded killer and he likes his life. He only loves blood, never took his time to see any other parts of life, just it's crimson colors.

Story: When he woke up, he remembered nothing about his past. he only saw men around him wearing white robes and chanting. He felt annoyed by those men so when he got up, he kiled every single one of them. He felt that they were so easy to kill, that maybe they were all sick and already dying. But a man came through the door claping his hands at him. He was congradulating him for a wonderful spectacle and he was hoping that Kylon's awakening was satifying. Kylon looked at his blood covered hands as he walked towards the applauding man. He wiped his bloody hands on him then left the room. He didn't want to be another man's entertainment.
The man followed him and offered him a job. An assassin's job. Kylon listened and agreed by saying if there was blood to be shed he would be happy to shed it. His career was going well, and people in his own clan started fearing him. Smelling this fear made Kylon want to kill them all. Soon, his victims became weaker and weaker, there was no challenge for him anymore. He became the Beast, killing with a smile. He began to call them prey. He was the greatest predator out there, and when even his leader started fearing him, he killed the whole clan, claiming they were all weak and unworthy of walking behind him.

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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: Kylon The Bringerof the Red Dawn   Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:07 pm

So... we have a killing machine....great .. welcome and enjoy your stay

War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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Kylon The Bringerof the Red Dawn
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