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 Yasashiku Zinan

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Yasashiku Zinan
Shadow Warrior

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PostSubject: Yasashiku Zinan   Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:58 am

Last Name : Zinan
First name : Yasashiku
Nickname : The Broken Angel

Race: Divine

Age: 65 742 years old

Sex of your character: Man

Sexual orientation of your character: Only men attract me

Profession: Wiseman of the forest

Kingdom: Kingdom of heaven

1-Absorb (light)
2-Object vision (light)
3-Healing (light)
4-Water manipulation (Water)

Description of your powers:
1-Light; absorb. It works just like instincts. When I feel a concentrated source of negative energy, I simply need to absorb it, to make it disapear. For this too function correctly, I must touch the person's skin with my bare hand. The negativity doesn't stay within me, it simply evaporates and disapears. This way, I can stop a fight before it begins.
2-Light; Object vision. With a simple touch of my skin on an object with history, I can see it's entire past history. Though this is a very strange gift, sometimes I see the past of ordinary objects. I cannot go in public places, since I cannot control this power. If I sleep in the bed of an inn, I see everything that happened in that bed, which gives me a very restless night.
3-Light; healing. My stronguest power. I can heal someone on the brink of death. It almost uses no energy at all to use. I have work very hard to perfect my healing arts. Though as with most of my powers, i must touch the person in order to heal them. It is my pride and joy, but I cannot use it on my self.
4-Water; manipulation. As it's name implies, I can manipulate all types of water, may it be salt or soft water. Although I can use this as a weapon, I much rather use it to help others. When in the forest with lost travelers, I seperate the cool, clear water from the mud of a brook. Or if in a desert, I make it swell up to the surface and let people drink all they need. I also separate the water from the salt to make it pure refreshing water.

Physical: I don't think of myself as anything spectacular. I have normal, very long black hair that feels like silk to other's touch. My skin has always had a rosy teint to it, which make me look even more feminin with my almost-girlish figure. I do not look physically strong nor to I believe myself to be. My eyes are a very clear blue, almost white with a golden ring around my irises. what i wear is always in the purest of colors, with the less markings that I could find. Though when I travel, I wear a long kimono like robe with light marking on it. My wings, once they touched the ground as I walked, now hover over the middle of my back. They are strangely for a divine, black with indigo tips. Though the indigo has been cut off.

Psycho: I have been called a saint. I have been called a Wiseman. I am simply a man trying to find himself after what I had endured. I wish only good things for people around me, but i do keep a deep grudge against a certain organisation. If i could, I would use the rest of my life to help others who need help. Sadly, I am not the man I used to be. I fear to lose my life now, I feel hatred and despair that I will never fly again. First the first time in my very long life, I desire the death of a man, yet, this anger, never shows upon my face, and I wait in my forest for my time to destroy the man who had cause me so much pain.

Story: It was a day just like every other. I was sitting next to the lake with my feet in the water keeping an eye on the children who were swimming when I heard a loud noise behind me. Instantly, I told the kids to fly of to safety while I would go check out what was going on. Before I even had the time to go deep within the forest, two men captured me and knocked me out. The only reason why i woke up was because of an unbareable pain in my left wing. When I opened my eyes, I wanted this to be an nightmare when I saw another man cutting my wing so short that I could not fly away. I screamed and pain and thought I would lose consciousness, but then they did the same to my other wing. The man, his hands covered in my blood and feathers said something like "To make sure you don't run away" and kept my bottom wing pieces. They then put chains around me and brought me to the man's mansion. I still couldn't get over the shock of having my wings cut up like that.
I stayed this man's slave for quite some time until I finally ran away. I hid myself in a far away forest so that neither my people nor him would ever find me. I was broken. I was a flightless bird, but I knew my wings would grow back...with time. And when they did, I would go back to that man, and kill him.

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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: Yasashiku Zinan   Fri Sep 14, 2012 5:49 am

All good... Welcome to the forum Smile

War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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Yasashiku Zinan
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