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 Ryuzaki Azai sheet

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Ryuzaki Azai
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PostSubject: Ryuzaki Azai sheet   Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:13 pm

Last Name : Azai
First name : Ryuzaki 
Nickname : Dart

Race: Lycan 

Age: 2596

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: Bi, though not really interested at the moment to have a relationship...

Profession: Assassin, he only kills other assassins or careless people that have fun killing for nothing.

Kingdom: Forbidden Kingdom 

- Giving life to objets (darkness)
- Mirror Barrier (light)
- Thunder (air)
- Water manipulation 

Description of your Powers:

- He can make objects move like if they where alive. He can make them do what he wants with his thought. As long as he can see it an not tied down somehow, he can make it move. His favorite thing to do is to use a ribbon or a long piece of cloth to choke his victims. 

-Mirror Barrier: He can make a power of a person not work if he touches them but also, if we attack him he can make one of the persons power backfire at them. This can sometimes protect him from physical and mental attacks if he is fast enough. He can use it to protect himself or others that he is touching or somehow connected.

- Thunder: This power allows him to control electric energies. He can concentrate energy in his hands to make some kind of energy ball and through that energy to a person. The bigger the more concentration it takes and more it hurts. It took time to make the process to make it get big faster. Or he can also make the electric signals of your bran temporarily not function well paralyzingly the person for a few minutes.    

- Water. He can absorb water and concentrate it into a form he wants and needs, as much for attacks or simply to drink or dry him self up. He sometimes combines his water power to his electric energy into the ball to make it more affective.  

Physical: Ryuzaki has wide strong wide shoulders and big arms. His muscles are dominant and w can see that he is very strong.  He never wears a shirt but always has a blue coat that he keeps partly opened if he doesn't take off because he lets out so much heat from his body. On his coat there are a few leather black straps held with big silver buckles. He keeps his light brown hair long enough to cover his ears and neck, often looking a little scruffy since he doesn't always take the time to brush them.  Most of the time he has the hood of his coat up on his head so he doesn't care much about that. He wears black pants also with straps and combat like boots that goes up mid-calf. His eyes are different from most propel. Most of it is blue with a red ring around the blue. Making him look a little evil and scary. Around his neak he wears a necklace that his sister gave him that has a little chick on chain. On his left wrist he ties up a white ribbon that used to belong to her. He keeps two twin daggers around his waist attached to his black leather belt. He thinks it's Easter to fight close to the others body. Being a lycan, he is usually fast enough but mostly strong enough. 

In his Lycan form, his fur becomes black. Still looks very strong with big deep muscles. 

Psycho: Ryuzaki is usually the kind and caring kind of person.  He has always been very protective with his loved ones. Always been very loyal with his friends and family. Though you don't not want to get in his bass side, because he can be short tempered and become aggressive. He never gives up on things he wants to do. It's useless to argue with him once his mind is set up. He can be really stoning sometimes. One thing he hates most of all are people that kill for fun and makes it his job to get rid of cruel people and punish them. And he helps people that are defenseless or weak.

Story: Ryuzai only had a little sister. Their parents disappeared when they where both very young. They both loved each other a lot, it was rare to see them apart. Ryuzaki was always very protective. On one of his birthdays his sister gave him this necklace. He thought it looked silly but not to hurt her he still wore it when she would be around. 
One day Ryuzaki made the mistake to let her stay alone at home while he went hunting for food for dinner that day. When he came back home, the house was a mess and there was a lot of blood. There was clearly a big fight in here! He kicked a broken chair and then saw something on the floor. He kneeled down and picked up a note saying that she was taken away and that they would use her to torture and kill her for fun. He then noticed a piece of ripped cape with some special symbols. He didn't know  who could of done this. There was no one in this village that hated them! This was too much for him to handle. Ryuzaki was more then pissed! He got up and squeezed the cloth and the piece of paper in his hands and  swore he would find who did this to his beloved sister. With this clue, he should be able to find who did this. Before he left the house he found the white ribbon she would always have in her hair and always keeps it safe. 
Since that day, he never took off the necklace. Who ever dares touches it or even dares to say it looks stupid ends regretting it! Each time he thinks about this tragedy, a silent tear falls on his face, trying to hide his feeling to others. *I will find you sis...*  Since then he has been traveling, killing other assassins and trying to find some information about this mystery man that took away his sister. 

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Halrein Alsvieth
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuzaki Azai sheet   Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:17 pm

welcome!! have fun dude!

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Ryuzaki Azai sheet
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