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 How to RP in this site?

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PostSubject: How to RP in this site?   Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:04 pm

1. Simple. all topics are welcomed. you can use your imagination to the fullest but remember NOT to insult, discriminate or bashing another member. if you do, your post will be warned and then it will be deleted by the administrator or moderator. Everyone can have a free to pic but please read the STORY of this forum first. Also, please remember when you reply to a topic, make sure your reply is related since that is what role-playing means.

2. BEFORE you start your RP make sure you INTRODUCE your CHARACTER first so that we know what kind of character you are playing before you start and WAIT till at least ONE of the Administrator welcome you. The Admins are : Me, Seiran akechi, and Reiji.

3. Also, you don't need to worry much about your powers and abilities, you can and allowed to develop your character to the fullest as long as you obey the main rules. So if in your character introduction you have two powers, then as the role-playing goes on, you can have and develop your powers as you wish.

4. For side powers like talking to animals, fast as flash, Sharp hearing or vision, special sharp sense powers, magical powers, and any other powers aside the main powers, you can have them and add them in your introduction.

5. If you are about to join an RP topic which already has some character playing in, you need to get their permission first before joining, at least one of them approve your joining. this is only for a topic which story is already moving on.

6. You can start a new topic anywhere if you don't wish to join the on going topic. And your post here must at lest have 7 lines in length, since this is going to be a new post. and please make it rhymes well with the place that you post in ( i mean the setting an the look of the place, for the rest, you can develop the post as you like )

7. You can start a private topic if you want. to do it, you must add the title like this:
PRP : (names of characters that can join) OR Private : ( names of the characters that can join)
If you do so, then only the mentioned character can reply to that topic.

8. When you reply to a topic, make sure your reply is at least 7 lines in length. if its too short then it will be troublesome for others to reply back.

9. But i don't know what Role-Play means?

Here is the brief explanation. Role-Play means you change you behavior even though its not necessary but you can change this according to what kind of character you wish to make. You can have male or female character despite your true gender.


I have a character named Halrein, its a man and his race is divine since he is an angel. Then after i set his name, avatars ( the avatar is your character) , i post in character introduction explaining his personality, physical appearance, and everything else. After that, I start posting his story and have conversation with other character. ( see the post between Halrein and Seiran). The conversation will start once a character reply to another character's topic.

The story can develop according to what other character and your character decide to act or response towards each other. You must make your post related to the topic that you are role-playing in.

10. if your topic is coming to an end you must write : END OF TOPIC right under your post so that no one reply to that topic anymore.
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How to RP in this site?
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