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 Mitsunari the arrogant beast

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Mitsunari Ishida
Dread Knight

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PostSubject: Mitsunari the arrogant beast   Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:42 pm

Last Name : ishida
First name : Mitsunari
Nickname : Golden Wolf

Race: Beast-ling ( Wolf)
Age: 600 978

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: N/A

Profession: First Rank General

Kingdom: Mystical Island

- Light : healing , Regen
-Darkness : drain, blood control, reflect
- air: tornado, typhoon , sand storm, haste

Description of your powers: (minimum 2 sentences for each power)
- ability to heal myself and other party that is with me. I can heal real fast and does not need any herb or medicine. The approximate time for my body cells to regenerate themselves is less than one second, which makes me heal immediately after wounded.

- I can drain my enemy when I already taste their blood. I can also control them all I want if I have a close relationship with them. As for the reflect part, I can return the damage inflicted by my enemy and cast it to them instead.
-since I control air, I can summon tornado and everything that rhymes with air or wind, like sand storm, and other things related to ‘air’. I can make the air as sharp as blade if I wish to; this is only done when I’m terribly pissed. And since I’m a part of a wolf, I can run real fast but if I’m not running or decide to fly, then I will manipulate the air around me and make a small tornado to lift my body up to the air. Short to say, I can manipulate the air around me all I want and as I wish.

I am part of a golden wolf, so I have a golden ear showing on my head. I have red hair; the color of my hair is similar to the crimson of blood and its shoulder length. I have a golden tail that is quite thick and big, but I often hide it under my dress. I also have very sharp fangs in silver and claws; I use them to battle or hunt, maybe something else. My height is quite abnormal; it’s around 2 meters high. My body is quite masculine as far as I can tell since I train a lot. I always wear a formal kimono which consists of three colors, red, white, and black. The outer part has two colors, red and white, as for the inner part it is black. I also bring my own sword that is made of a silver fang of an elder wolf. I carry it every time and everywhere I go.


I’m a cruel person, arrogant, hard to approach, always glaring like a bastard. The good thing is I like being such a man. I’m not a brute killer or assassin, I just enjoy being cruel and arrogant. It makes people fear me and I like that. I prefer being alone than having some people disturbing me or cling to me like a sack of nuisance. I can be warm and kind at some point, but I’m easily angered and pissed. If something or someone ruins my mood, I will immediately lose my temper towards them. I’m a hard person, and suck at romance. It is hard for me to say sweet words or even smile. I’m born this way, cruel, cold, yet kind in the inside, I just don’t want people to see that side of mine.

I once travel in a pack since I have this, wolf attitude in me, but then in one morning I wake up and I find myself in the middle of nowhere and my pack is gone. I can only find blood around me and that’s all. I’m guessing that something kills my pack but then again, I am not that close to them so I don’t feel bad at all. After losing my group, I start to wander from one army to another, trying to find something that I might like. Then, I find the byakuren force. I decide to serve that force ever since I find it. I enjoy my time in this force since they are a good one, they kill the bad guys and I like killing bad guys. I serve the army for over hundreds of years, even more than thousand years. I polish my combat skill all the time and I become expert in battle both melee and tactics. Some people call me the golden wolf since I have golden ear and tail, I kinda like that nick name so I use it every time I meet up with a stranger
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Reiji Takahashi
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PostSubject: Re: Mitsunari the arrogant beast   Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:46 pm

Welcome!!! ^^

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Mitsunari the arrogant beast
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