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 Seiran Akechi

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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Seiran Akechi   Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:44 pm

Last Name :Akechi
First name :Seiran
Nickname : The Assassin

Age: 17900

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: Don't care

Profession: Assassin, artist

Kingdom: Kingdom of heaven.


Description of your powers:

Light : Just like the name "light" Seiran can regenerate himself when he is wounded and he has the power of resurrection which he can use sometimes to restore dead animals or vegetation. This resurrection is done rarely and only in an emergency situation, even so, it only takes a little of his power to do this. He does not wish to waste his energy to resurrect something unnecessary.

Fire : Controlling all fire element is one of expertise that seiran is good at. He can summons and call forth meteors but this is only when he feels most threatened. He rarely uses this kind of power, since the damage will be too great if it’s just for one enemy. This one is very useful when he is fighting against an army. he can also use this to make small fire just like a small fire camp or candle to lighten his way in a dark place.

Water : water normally gives life to all creatures. Seiran can cast water spell which turn any object into water. This skill of him is very useful when he is traveling in the dessert since he can turn all that he touches into water if he wishes to. Also, he can controls blood since it has water in it, basically, he can manipulates everything that contains water, even if it’s just a little bit.


Born as an angel, seiran got a pair of angel wings, and also divine powers. He could fly to heaven or anywhere he wish for with his broad white wings. He has dark hair as black as night sky which he tied to the back like a pony tail most of the time, white skin, as white and pure as angel feather. His black eyes are as beautiful as the glimmering night sky that is adorn with stars. As for his body, he has slim and tall figure but looks gentle rather than fierce. His waist is small and the curve is deep so it makes him looks a bit feminine. Most of the time he wears blue Yukata but in some occasion, he’ll dress in a more formal way which is in black tuxedo, without the hat.


Seiran is actually a gentle person, he is a melancholic one, and sometimes he withdraws from the society and tends to be alone. Somehow he enjoys silence and calm situation rather than the noisy one. He is kind of hard to approach because of his silence, and he also rarely speaks to people and not a gullible one. It is kind of hard to gain his trust over someone or something especially against things that are contrast to his believes and ways. Also, despite being a quiet and loner, he is good in his profession as an assassin. He only kills bad people and never hurt the good one, which is his code and oath. He will never take blood from the innocent. Because of his quiet and little bit cold figure, he is rarely seen traveling along with other person. Even though he is hard to approach he likes making friends with people.


Seiran Akechi was born from an Angel whose whereabouts are unknown. Since his birth he was taken care of by a Samurai who has no child. That samurai who adopted him is no longer alive for he is not from this realm of world. It is from this mysterious samurai, Seiran learn how to fight, and use magic skills. This legendary mysterious samurai, who is no longer alive, surely taught Seiran a lot of things that are very useful in his life. He can hunt and survive a wild and cruel life, all thanks to this samurai who takes care of him. The lost of a father is a great grief for him, and this also makes him a dependent man , he barely asks help from other people , and sometimes pushes himself too far to do certain things. It was after his father’s death that Seiran sets out a journey looking for his identity, and more than that, perhaps he even look for someone out there that can make his life complete again.

War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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Seiran Akechi
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