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 Takehsi Ryuha [Sill working on it]

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Takeshi Ryuha


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PostSubject: Takehsi Ryuha [Sill working on it]   Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:07 am

Last Name : Ryuha
First name : Takeshi
Nickname :

Race: Efreet

Age: 1869

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: Unkown

Profession: Unknown

Kingdom: Inferno

- Fire
- Darkness Shadow fusion
- Darkness Mind manipulation
Description of your powers: He can controle flames in all its forms. He can wisper his orders to fire so that is moves or does exactly what he want from it. He can make it become hotter or cooler and make it grow at his will. Even make a wall barrier around him if he wishes. He can make the flames come out streight out of his hands since he's an efreet. He is compleaty imune to fire, it cant burn him even if the flame is created from someone else.
His darkness powers he can blean himself into the shadows as a dark mist. This allows him to move quickly as long as he can stay hidden within the shadows. No one can see him when he uses this power, like if he becomes the shadow itself.
With his mind manipulation, he torments you with the visions that he input into your mind, making you beleive that they are real and controles your body movements. Even if the illusion is in your mind it can still phisicly hurt you.

Physical: He loves to keep a humain physical body, even in his flam form. When he keeps his whole humain form, the has black hair with a golden red highlights though them. His eyes are bright orange with red waves. He always whears black clothing. We see him most of the time with a long black coat cut at his waist in the front but very longin the back. Black pants with boots that goes up to his knees. When he is in his efrret form, he keeps about the same apperence that only diffrent is that he is compleat flames. He also has very long black nails.

Psycho: (4 sentence minimum)

Story: ( at least please make it 6 sentences)

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Takehsi Ryuha [Sill working on it]
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