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 Jyuuchi Khonsu

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Jyuuchi Khonsu
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PostSubject: Jyuuchi Khonsu   Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:46 pm

Last Name : Khonsu
First name : Jyuuchi
Nickname : -

Race: Vampire
Age: 956
Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: Don’t know

Profession: Archer

Kingdom: Forbidden kingdom

- Air
- Fire
- Earth

Description of your powers:
- Air : I can manipulate air around me, this power can be very useful when I want to control my arrow speed. Also, this can be useful for summon big typhoon, and tornado.
- Fire : This power I often use when I want to defeat strong enemies, because I can use the fire in the arrow to increase the damage. The damages cause by the fire in the arrow aren’t the common damage, but very huge damage.
-Earth : I rarely use this power because I’m not the expert at Earth elements. But, sometimes if I in the urgent condition, I can control the earth around me as my mind command it to be.

Physical: I have short grey hair because I’m vampire. Grey eyes which can turn into red when I thirsty, but I trained to control my thirst. I also have slender body, with normal height, and weight which can make me move smooth and fast during my mission. Wear a comfort archer suit which very fit on my body, I like to wear anything comfort, because I use to travelling everywhere as long as my master order me to.

Psycho: I’m the typical of person who don’t like to stay in a place for a long time, because I can easily get boring with that place, no matter how beautiful that place is. Like to spend my time with doing whatever I like, because I also can easily get boring with things I do, so I have random hobbies. Often deep in my own thought because of that, people around always annoyed with my act when I already thinking about something. Use to like weird things which others people disregard it because it can’t be useful for them.

Story: I trained as an archer for Vampire race in a clan, but after a while there’s a conflict between the race, and I decided to walk my own way separate from the race and clans. This isn’t easy to through, but when I already decided about something, nobody can change it. Even I must be a homeless vampire (every vampire in a clan use to have a mansion) I like it because I can run away from the conflict. I don’t like to be involved with the conflict which I don’t know the definite cause. No place for me in the clan. So, travelling around the place I want to visit is a good choice. This is also good for me because I don’t like to stay in a place for a long time, the vampire’s mansion enough make me sick with the old creepy weather which I don’t like. And, here I am, be a free vampire and a free archer, I work for myself.
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Seiran Akechi
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PostSubject: Re: Jyuuchi Khonsu   Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:35 pm

welcome! everything is good ^_^

War is fought with swords and spear, not rice and salt

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Jyuuchi Khonsu
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