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 Ryohei the elf

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Ryohei Akatsugi
Rebel Warriors

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PostSubject: Ryohei the elf   Wed Oct 31, 2012 8:43 pm

Last Name : Akatsugi
First name : Ryohei
Nickname : N/A

Race: Forest Guardian

Age: 47 526

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: as long as they please me

Profession: Beast Master

Kingdom: Mythical island


Earth: growing plants, controlling all kinds of minerals on earth. Communicate with nature and its beings.
Darkness: leech
Water: water control, water transformation into ice
Light: healing, thunder storm ( from lightning )

Description of your powers:

Earth: I can make plants grow from the ground even though there are no water at all, with this I can make poison tendril grows to attack my enemies and weaken them fast. Not only plants, I can control metals too since they are part o the earth. Making earth quake or sand storm is quite simple for me. Also, I could communicate with the beast and understands the nature with this earth power.


leech : I can absorbs, or drain someone’s energy of life and uses it to heal myself, this can happen if I touch them or being close to them, even share body fluids with them. If I get a lot of energy, I can use it to strengthen my attacks and defense. I can even cast more powers if I have enough energy to do it.

Water : I can control water and make it as a weapon, solid weapon if I want to. I can turn it into ice at anytime and the best thing is that, this ice that I make can’t be destroyed my fire, that is the unique part of it since the ice’s durability is connected to my energy, so it will last as long as I have enough energy on me.

Light : making thunder storm and lighting storm are my best. I like lightning and it is a very powerful weapon to destroy my enemies. I can burn them with the high voltage of the lightning that I make. Beside this kind of attacking ability, I can also heal people if I want to, but I do this rarely.


I have long blonde hair that reached my waist. It was straight and felt like silk once you touched it. I wore an earring that were made of natural olive branches. Those earring was pretty unique since they were on top of my ear instead of stabbed into it. I have light green eyes which are gentle. In the usual days, mostly, I would wear my elf clothes made of leaves or dead animal's skin. I made a simple robe from those things and I thoguht those were more than enough to be my clothing, I liked the texture just fine. Besides, with my earth powers, I could manipulate the leaves and all, made them a bit harder and changed their texture a bit to make clothes.

As for my skin, it's in light honey, so its not pale, I don't really enjoy being pale like vampire. My height is just the average height for elves and nothing much to be proud of about the height. As for my skill, I mostly doing my own job in the deep forest, talking to animals, and sometimes play with them.


I like plants and animals more than annoying people. I stayed in a forest which belonged to my tribe long ago. Right now, it was empty and only I and the animals lived in it. It made me acted a bit nervous and shy when it comes to other people. Because I mostly spend my time with animals, I became less sociable person. I don't like approaching others, or having intruders in my forest. I'd rather have a quiet life in my beloved forest rather than join the outer world with its lunacy.

Now, towards the person I like, well, I barely liked a person so I still did not know how I would react if I found one, but one thing, I had a feeling that I would hide myself and spy him rather than coming out and showed him myself, I'm not sociable after all.


My whole tribe left the forest long ago since they did not find something good in this forest. They said that they couldn't do anything for a living here and they wanted to seek another place.
So, I let them be and stayed here. Since this forest was empty and nobody here, I decided to take this huge forest as my own homeland. Ever since that day, I started to take care of this forest and its living thing. I began to talk with animals, understands the trees and plants, and all. I build my own house, a small one made of stone and wood. It was a small house but warm and comfortable. I have some barn where I kept my dogs and wolves, I let the big animals such as horses and tigers roam free. I only made barns and places for the little ones, just to make sure they are all right.
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Reiji Takahashi
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PostSubject: Re: Ryohei the elf   Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:55 pm

Welcome!!! ^^ Have fun!

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Ryohei the elf
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