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 saigo the divine

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PostSubject: saigo the divine   Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:46 am

Last name: I've no memory of it
First name: Saigo

Nickname: Torukmacto (Rider of the last shadow)
Race: Divine

Age: 345 769 years old

Sex of your character: Man

Sexual orientation of your character: Men
Profession: Ex General / Sculpture

Kingdom: Kingdom of Heaven

1- Healing, Light

2- Photosynthis, Earth Description of you powers:

1- Healing: Simple, effective. I heal every type of wound; infected or not, poisoned or not or magical or physical. A touch from me is not necessary, but if it's a man I find to be my type, then I won't be shy to touch him. What's more, once I heal a wound, that area cannot be cut at all for at least three days.

2- Photosynthis: Being a wood carver, controling the wood is a bonus that makes work easier for me. Though I rarely use it, prefering to carve it by hand. My manipulation goes from helping nature grow or controling the already dead wood like it is leather of some sort. I can stretch it momentarly then harden it like rock. I can also bring back dead vegetation to life.

Physical: I've never cut my hair. They are very long and black as the night with no moon. I like them that way and I plan not to change them. I have an almost feminine body but my tight muscles are still apparent. I am after all an ex-General. My eyes are just as black as my hair. My wings are black as well, though the tip are white, they have been dipped in blood too many time. As for how I dress, it depends if I'm at home where I wear yukatas, kimonos and robes or if I'm at work, I wear clothes to protect my skin from sharp wood shards. The only thing that never changes wherever I am is my smile now. I've seen too much sadness, so I smile.

Psycho: I am known for my kind heart and fun personality, of course that's only on the surface. If you dig too much, you'll see the darkness that embodies me. I have killed many. I have taken lives with the same hands that today carve wood. Though I am a very nice man, it does happen that I have a bad day. And it does happen that the glorious days of my past come haunt me sometimes. I live alone because I am alone. I am the Last Shadow for the Ansatsu and the rider of the Last Shadow for the Byakuren. I just want to be Saigo. Nothing more. I am an Artisan, not a General anymore.

Story: My nickname, rider of the last shadow or Torukmacto in the language of the Elves, came to me because of my time as a General for the Byakuren. Being a Divine, I used to fly to kill, I was always the one to kill the leaders. That's how they started calling me The Last Shadow. But the Byakuren saw it as I was ridding the last shadow the enemy will ever see, thus the name Rider of the Last Shadow came to be mine. Though sadly for me, death had become to close of a friend. And I was not pleased by that. I trained someone to replace me, his name was Halrein, he is know as the White Warlord now. I became a simple wood carver. I didn't need anything else. I retired before I became consumed by my grief. Killing someone, even if he is an enemy is still killing.
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PostSubject: Re: saigo the divine   Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:37 am

Thanks for joining... all is good and now.. waiting for the avatar ^_^

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saigo the divine
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