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 Seiki Shizuka, the swarm

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PostSubject: Seiki Shizuka, the swarm   Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:32 am

Last Name : Shizuka
First name : Seiki
Nickname : Butterfly

Race: Divine

Age: I am only aware of the 340 years since I was found

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: I'm interested only in men.

Profession: Whatever seems necessary at the moment.

Kingdom: Mythical island

1- Swarm, Darkness
2- Telepathy, Darkness
3- Massive Healing, Light
4- Partial mutation, Darkness

Description of your powers:
1- As I later say in my story, I've discovered that I can teleport myself. I call it a swarm, cause each time I do use this gift, I transforme into a swarm a beutiful monark butterflies. Even if one dies during my travel, it has no effect on me. When I reach my destination, I simply swarm back inot my original form.
2- Quite simple, I can either push my thoughts inot other people's minds or gather their's in mine. I can easily switch this gift off. I believe in only using it when trully necessary. I will not use it for my own benefice.
3- Unlike normal healing who only heals one person with contact, I can heal a small crowd of people if they are near enough . Though this also has a big price to pay, I must use my body to recover their wounds.
4- Partial mutation is as it says. I can mutate only one part of my body per time and turn it into whatever I desire it to be. May it be to make my ears look like those of the elves or camouflage a part of my body in the bark of a tree, It's very useful.

Physical: Unlike all the elves in the forest, I bare long black silky looking hair that is always lose unless it needs to be tied for some work. I seem closer to my fairy friends with a steely grey gaze they say is warm like hot metal and sharp like an elven blade. I like to wear brightly colored clothing but since I get cold easily, I also wear a heavy looking black fur jacket that some elves have crafted out of a dead wolf. my skin rivalises the one the elves have with it's smoothness and it's creamy tones, though still quite pale.
Since I do not know that I am a divine, it is difficult for me to explain the color of my wings, I have never seen them. But a wise old elf from the tribe, who sees everything, says that my wings are built for speed and are surprisingly beautiful with a light blue spread going to a pur white and the tips of my feathers. I wish I knew.

Psycho: I am a very calm natured man. I never act on a whim and I would never do something I had not put careful consideration in before. I don't like doing something if I think it's useless. I listen to orders given to me unless they go agaisnt my view of peaceful negociation. I like to fight, but I will never kill my opponent. My hands had never soaked in blood. Being as I have no memory of my past, I don't want to take the life of another person.
I like to smile. It makes me feel good inside my heart. Nature makes me smile. I love the subtile humour the elves and the fairies show. They are, in my opinion, worth fighting for. I don't know why, but I feel very protective over them and will sacrifice everything to keep the little fairies laughing and flying. I had no life, and now I owe them my newly found life. They make me feel happy and important.

Story: I've no memory of my childhood. I have always been surounded by the fairies and the elves as far as my memories go. The clan leader of the elf clan of this region had found me while he was a simple warrior in his tribe. He had brought me to his home and took care of my wounds, of my broken soul. He said that whatever I had seen, my mind had blocked it out for my own sanity.
I stayed with him and saw my heart grow more and more attached to this natural land. I've slowly discovered my gifts with time. I found myself being able to turn into a swarm of monark butterflies and I can fly around as them. I've also discovered that I can communicate mentally with other people and creatures.
I don't remember my past at all. I don't know if I was a killer, if I was somebody important. If the elves usually look for me during the day, they can find me near the cliff of their lands.
One day, when the elf that found me became their leader, he asked me to go see him in the leader's hut. I went to him and he told me I was going to be his General. I refused. He was shocked but then he agreed that I was not a fighter.
Curious about that, I started looking at the young elves train and soon joined them to see if my body could follow their movements. I became addicted. I cleared their training sessions to the expert level after only a few weeks. Then, the weapon's master and the combat teacher both took me appart and taught me about every other fighting styles they knew. I mastered them all. I could use every weapons the master had in his arsenal and eventually, the student became the master of both teachers.
My leader asked me a second time if I wanted to be a general. I still refused. I wanted to use all of this skill I had to keep this piece of paradise safe. But I wanted to do it my way. I grew attached to the elves and the fairies. I didn't want to leave, but I am still curious to know what's beyond the border. Beyond the gate...
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PostSubject: Re: Seiki Shizuka, the swarm   Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:45 pm

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Seiki Shizuka, the swarm
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