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 Angelic geisha

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PostSubject: Angelic geisha   Fri Nov 09, 2012 6:45 am

Last Name : Asami
First name : Rui
Nickname :

Race: Divine

Age: 7897

Sex of your character: Male

Sexual orientation of your character: N/A

Profession: geisha

Kingdom: Forbidden Kingdom


Darkness: black flame , drain
Light: Kiss of Life, Purification

Description of your powers:

- I am a geisha. I suppose to dance, sing, play instruments and please people that visit the place I am in. therefore the power of allure was so obvious. It was for me to seduce people, to make them fall into my 'spell' and then I could have them all I want. I could make them leave their lovers , have affair with me, and then, I will ruin their relationship by exposing myself. That was fun, it was always pleasant to see the fall of the elites who think they got everything.

-Black flame ,worked as the usual flame. It was black, and it could take any form that I wish it should be. I controlled it and summoned it all I wanted. The black flame could also take another form such as spear, blade, orb, anything that I desire. This was my melee weapon. I could use this black flame to form any kinds of weapon I had in mind. As for Drain, it worked while I drain someone's life force and energy to heal myself, or just simply to harm and kill them.

-I may able to kill and harm someone, but despite that, I can also heal others and even retrieve their soul back into their bodies. With a kiss it is done. When I touch someone’s lips with mine, I can transfer my life energy to that person. I can heal them real quick, just as fast as I can heal myself from any scars or wounds. I have a very impressive healing ability to the point that even my tears can heal any abnormal condition. Besides this gift, I can use ‘purification” which means I can infiltrate someone’s mind and heart and free them from hatred that they keep within their heart.

I have a feminine body curve, a silky light brown hair that was neck length. I Have smooth moist skin which is in light creamy color. My eyes are golden in both and I have a cherry red lips. With all those, most men who see me always mistook me for a pretty lady, which I am not. Especially when I wore yukata or kimonos, or hanfu. I always wore those clothes since I am a geisha and I mostly live on the stage, I perform dance, sing, play music, and please some jerks that come to me.
Another detail of me is that I have six wings, six light blue wings that was mostly hidden. They were smooth, huge , and strong like the wings of an eagle. I hid those wings so that people don't get scared of me. Some people saw winged creatures as monsters despite their beauty, foolish people indeed.


I am used to be played around, to be treated more like a one night stand rather than an artist. Even though that geisha was literary meant Artist, it was not that way in here. People tend to use me as their entertainment. I was used to such life and so I am good in taking men's heart and attention. I'm even better when it came to taking care of them on bed. I saw this life as nothing than a drama. Each of us has a role to play, and I play the role of a geisha. An artist who was treated as whore and dirtied by tons of men. And, please don't ask me if I enjoy this or not. I mean, which whore enjoy selling themselves to jerks? NONE!


I was alone, I was thrown away by my family. They don't want me. I look feminine and pretty, they wanted a big bad guy to act as bodyguard. So, they simply threw me away. It's not that I minded that, I never liked them anyway. So, as I wandered around the city, a man came to me and said that he would give me food and shelter if I dance and sing for him. Apparently, this man saw my beauty and skills. So, I ended up working with him in his "love house" and then I became geisha. I wore make ups, pretty clothes, I slept in a comfortable bed, bathe in warm water, and all. Things that I don't have when I was with my family. I had been working for this man for years and he turned out to have lots of concubines like me. He had lots of beauties that worked for him as geisha. He said that one way to get out from this circle was if someone buy me. Well, I don't hope for freedom from this place. I mean, I have food and shelter here, why would I leave? And if I leave, where would I go? Nowhere, I belong nowhere but here.
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PostSubject: Re: Angelic geisha   Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:36 pm

Welcome ^_^

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Angelic geisha
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